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Messe Dortmund
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20 - 21/02/2019

Lutz Pumpen GmbH

Lutz Pumpen GmbH

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97877 Wertheim am Main

The Lutz group with its brands Lutz and Jesco has distinguished itself by producing for more than 6 Decades quality products and offers pumps and systems for the transfer, metering and dosing of fluids and gases and has built up a sound reputation for safety in the pumping field worldwide led by its expertise in the market. The names ”Lutz” and “Jesco” are without doubt a synonym for various kinds of pumps and, moreover, has succeeded in making the name synonymous with complete systems to handle all aspects of fluid management.
The range of products includes drum and container pumps, eccentric screw pumps, air operated double diaphragm pumps, centrifugal pumps and dosing pumps. As well as flow meter systems, measuring and control technology, chlorinators and water disinfection.
Through its distribution the Lutz group is represented in more than 80 countries and employees more than 400 persons worldwide. Own subsidiaries are in the USA, Great Britain, the Netherlands, France, Austria, Hungary, Malaysia, China and the UAE.


Product news

  • Small Motor - Great Effect: Lutz compressed air motors series MDx

    Energy efficiency and reducing the operating costs is most important for the user of pumps. With the development of the new MDx compressed air motors, Lutz has taken account of this requirement and set new standards. Compressed air is an expensive energy. Therefore it is particularly important to achieve the highest possible efficiency.

    With the oil-free,1000 watts powerful air motor you can achieve the same delivery capacity with 20 % less connection pressure and 4 % less air consumption comparable to other products. The motors have a very good start-up behaviour also with low pressure. The user saves energy and costs.

    During the development of the motors, the Lutz engineers succeeded in a significant increase of performance which enable the transferring of viscous liquids up to 100,000 mPas and thus the motors are almost universally applicable.
    The pumps can also be used in the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics industry, because of the oil-free operation. Furthermore the motors are suitable for pumping easy flammable liquids and comply with the Atex guidelines.

    The motor MD1xL is suitable for stationary installation and can directly be controlled via the compressed air line. The motor MD2xL is infinitely varied and this allows a smooth and controlled filling and is also suitable for mobile use with the convenient grip.

    Both motors convince with their high performance and high level of efficiency due to optimization of flow control, high lifetime and easy handling. The motors can be combined with both, Lutz eccentric screw pumps and Lutz drum pumps and are connected quickly and easily with each other via the typical Lutz hand wheel.

    The user has a firm grip on the future when using these new compressed air motors.


  • Lutz Horizontal Eccentric Screw Pump: The new series B70H for mobile and stationary use

    The features of the B70H offers many benefits to the user. By positioning outside of the
    container, it is possible to pump liquid out of the stacked containers - or containers which are
    not accessible from the top.

    The compact construction height, enables an emptying at limited room height.
    Besides an easy handling of heavy pumps is possible and there is no physical strain due to
    lifting Fluid transfer is possible in either direction of rotation.
    Easy replacement of wearing parts by the new rotor/stator combination and by replacing the
    rotor/stator unit, an easy change of sizes is possible.

    The horizontal eccentric screw pump is also available in PURE and explosion-proof design.

    Another advantage is the easy change of sizes, as the change between different stator materials is possible with keeping the same stator sleeve. A conversion from 25.1 to 75.1 is possible by replacing the stator sleeve. Pump tube and shaft always have the same length and are compatible to every rotor/stator unit. By replacing stator, rotor and stator sleeve, a conversion to any rotor/stator combination is possible.

    Lutz horizontal eccentric screw pumps are suitable for pumping aqueous to highly viscous Newtonian and non-Newtonian media. The pumps are suitable for abrasive, solids containing and shear sensitive media, as well as for neutral, aggressive and easy flammable liquids under high delivery pressure.


  • Light, comfortable and powerful: New Lutz battery pumps series B1 Battery, B2 Battery

    With the development of the new battery pumps B1 Battery and B2 Battery, Lutz launches a new dimension of mobility, battery performance, weight, life, capacity and ergonomics and offers maximum flexibility for the user. With the combination possibilities of the pump tubes in PP, PVDF and stainless steel in different lengths, a variety of fluids from different containers can be transferred.

    The new BLDC motors convince with a high level of efficiency up to 70%, high battery life and service life, low weight, low noise ≤ 70 dBA and are infinitely varied. Easy and save disassembly with quick action coupling. Replaceable, high-performance Li-Ion technology enables a filling up to 2500 litres with one battery charge and battery life of 25 minutes at maximum speed. The new battery pumps from Lutz are mobile helpers in the daily working process.

    The battery motor B1 Battery with a performance of 70 watt is is suitable for small to medium filling quantities and a low viscosity <200 mPas and low density <1.2 kg / dm³.
    The powerful 260 Watt B2 Battery Motor is designed for medium to large flilling quantities. Due to the extremely high performance with low weight, higher viscosities > 200 mPas, higher pressures/flow rates and higher densities> 1.2 kg / dm³ can be achieved.
    Both motors have an automatic switch-off at overload.

    The Lutz engineers have achieved a significant increase in performance compared with other products. Equipped with the suitable accessories, as hoses and valves, the pumps can immediately be used and are convincing when pumping thin-bodied liquids, acids and alkalis.