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Messe Dortmund 
Dortmund, Deutschland 
20. - 21.02.2019

Leading trade show for industrial maintenance

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DER BETRIEBSLEITER – das polytechnische Medium fokussiert entscheiderorientierte Themen auf Sicherheit, Effizienz und Nachhaltigkeit in der Produktion.


As an interbranch newspaper for production and responsibles for productivity in the industry, the B&I revitalizes investments about increases of energy efficiency.


  • Industry service – condition monitoring – energy efficiency
  • “Headlines of the day”, online every working day
  • 6 editions a year (run each 15,500 copies)
  • Readers of B&I can throw a glance in the trade fair edition and get to know, what is to be seen on maintenance 2017

CHEManager International: New Name, Same Quality, Extended Range

CHEManager International (circulation: 20,000 copies, frequency 10 issues/year) and its B2B portal supply executives of the chemical and pharmaceutical industry with in-depth information on market trends and technical developments. In 2017 CHEManager celebrates its 25th anniversary.


  • i.e. technical papers and information i.a. from bulk material technology
  • i.e. largest subscription circulation in its field for executives, process and chemical engineers
  • i.e. official membership organ of VDI-GVC and DECHEMA

In 2017 CITplus celebrates its 20th anniversary.


Since 1989 ERNEUERBARE ENERGIEN has addressed to investors, engineers and operators of plants covering the subjects wind, sun and bioenergy. Apart from classical target groups of investors, municipalities and municipal works today take an important role in the development of renewable energies. On top of that constructors of large-scale-objects such as prime contractors, project planners, and technical planners belong to our target groups.


EUROPAGES ist eine europäische B2B-Plattform in 26 Sprachversionen, mit 3 Millionen registrierten Firmen, und zwar Herstellern, Serviceanbietern, Großhändlern und Vertriebsfirmen. Jeden Monat nutzen über 2 Millionen Einzelbesucher aus aller Welt die Plattform, um Produkte, Dienstleistungen und Lieferanten zu suchen.


Die industriezeitschrift präsentiert quartalsweise „Die besten Produkte für die deutsche Industrie.“ Veröffentlicht werden ausgewählte Produktberichte aus den Bereichen Antriebstechnik, Arbeitsschutz, Automatisierung, Computertechnik/Elektronik, Fertigung, Gebäudemanagement, Identtechnik, Instandhaltung, Konstruktion, Materialfluss und Messtechnik. Ergänzt wird das Ganze durch Präsentationen Ihres Unternehmens im Bereich industrie-orange. Hier machen Sie ganz gezielt auf ein bestimmtes Produkt, Ihre neue Website oder auch Ihren neuen Katalog / Ihre neue Broschüre aufmerksam. Alle Einträge finden Sie zusätzlich online unter


As the only media brand on the german market our trade journal IT&Production informs
exclusively and comprehensively about every aspect of the industrial IT – and have done for
already 17 years. Decision makers, managers of production-related departments and ITManagers
of every sector can find information about investment decisions and inovative technology in our
range of services. In the industry 4.0 era, we are living in, you need the right software, hardware
and efficient processes for sustainable success on the global market - so our content is more in
demand than ever. As a medial companion of the industrial digital transformation we work closely
together with central stakeholders to offer our readers useful information for their operational
practice. The spectrum of our topics ranges from the management level over research and
development to manufacturing, automation and services.




i-Quadrat is a practical, interdisciplinary magazine for intelligent maintenance. It is aimed at technical and executive management personnel in the industry. With broad and in-depth information from user reports, market analysis, product news and interviews, i-Quadrat provides important support for investment decisions in industry and services. It focuses on products, solutions, services and strategies that ensure the optimal availability of machinery and equipment as well as their economic and effi-cient operation. In its specialist sections on management, markets and products,
i-Quadrat provides detailed and discerning articles on the technologies and services available to end users that can help ensure that industrial production processes run without a hitch.

LVT Lebensmittel Industrie

is the professional magazine for specialists and managers in the food and beverage industries and the associated packaging and machinery supply industries. The core LVT readers are the decision makers responsible for production and process technology and the packaging of foods and beverages. Top management: proprietors, managers, directors. Middle management: plant managers, technical managers, planning and design managers, purchasing, QM, packaging, logistics and marketing. Technical specialists: engineers, designers, technicians, developers and planners.

MM MaschinenMarkt

MM MaschinenMarkt  -  The brand name for industry has for 120 years now been providing a wide variety of media to decisionmakers in management, production, automation, design engineering and logistics. MM MaschinenMarkt – with its top-circulation industrial magazine, web portals, a daily newsletter plus numerous specific topic newsletters, sectorrelated specialist information in logistics, as well as international print and online services in 11 countries – represents a high-performance information and communication platforms the core sectors of the manufacturing industry.


mav innovation in metal working
Competent and highly topical, mav regularly reports on the latest machines, tools, components, procedures and processes in metal working. As a respected industry partner, mav is the vital link between producers and users.  However, mav not only informs on the latest innovations, but is intrinsically innovative. Presenting new ideas, concepts and formats, mav sets the standard in the world of professional trade magazines. In essence, the brand is based on three fundamental  elements: print, online and event. The magazine is published monthly and is compelling both in editorial content and the modern, reader-friendly layout.


Cross-sectoral, tailored to the target group and different reader/user preferences – P&A Perspektive Prozessindustrie offers sustainable information about markets and technologies in the process industry and are a source of inspiration for plant designers and operators. P&A sets a high value on integrating the disciplines process engineering & automation.

The new P&A Web Magazine accompanies readers on their way into the future, both mobile and online. Elaborately designed, it highlights the current top topics – far beyond the content of the print publications. Become part of INDUSTR.COM/PuA community right now: www.INDUSTR.COM/PuA.



For 25 years, PROCESS has created transparency in the chemical, pharmaceutical market
and process engineering industries. We look at all the trends and innovations of
Industry, transport best practice examples and thus provide guidance and orientation for
all investment decision makers and user target groups - from planning to construction
the construction and operation up to the maintenance of process plants.

Technik + Einkauf

Technik überzeugt den Einkauf

Der technische Einkauf verantwortet ein mächtiges Budget. Bis zu 70 Prozent ihrer Wertschöpfung kauft die Industrie zu. Entscheidungen über Lieferanten und Materialien trifft der Einkauf. Produkte, Innovationen, Technologien, Anbieter- und Marktübersichten – all das finden Einkäufer in TECHNIK + EINKAUF. Dabei geht es um mehr als um Preise und Kosten. Technik, Qualität, Effizienz, Nachhaltigkeit: Moderne Beschaffung läuft in enger Abstimmung mit Entwicklung, Produktion und Logistik.

bildet all diese Schnittstellen zum Einkauf ab.
TECHNIK + EINKAUF zeigt die neuesten Technologien, Produkte und Innovationen
TECHNIK + EINKAUF vermittelt aktuelles Technik-Knowhow
TECHNIK + EINKAUF informiert über Anbieter, Systeme und Lösungen (Einkaufsführer mit Checkliste in jeder Ausgabe!)
TECHNIK + EINKAUF analysiert Beschaffungsmärkte und untersucht Branchen.
TECHNIK + EINKAUF berichtet über Management, Strategie, Organisation und Zusammenarbeit.
TECHNIK + EINKAUF präsentiert das Beste aus Technik, Einkauf, Produktion und Logistik.
TECHNIK + EINKAUF macht Einkäufer technikfit und entscheidungssicher.


VERFAHRENSTECHNIK provides current information on equipment, components and systems for the technical implementation of material conversion as well as applications in the mechanical process industry. Machinery, apparatus and equipment for material conversion are in the focus as well as special measurement and automation technology. Handling and storage equipment such as safety and environmental technology round up the spectrum.

Target group:
VERFAHRENSTECHNIK targets process engineers across branches in the chemical and petrochemical industry, in the pharmaceutical as well as the food and beverage industries.




Werkstoffe in der Fertigung

Werkstoffe in der Fertigung

The miracles of „Werkstoffwelt“ reflect in this cross-sectoral trade magazine.

It is:
Organ for the material handling device for the federal states of Bavaria and North-Rhine-Westfalia. Information source for the material networks and unions. Market for everyone who is in contact with material.

It offers:
Insight in the constantly alternating world of material and fabrication. The newest developments and achievements in research. Extensive trade show reports about important shows.

You will find more information here

Wer liefert was

„Wer liefert was“ ist der führende B2B-Marktplatz in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz. Als meistbesuchte Internetplattform für den professionellen Einkauf bietet wlw Zugriff auf Millionen von Produkten und Dienstleistungen im B2B-Segment. Auf, und treffen monatlich 1,3 Millionen Einkäufer mit echtem Bedarf auf rund 570.000 Lieferanten, Hersteller, Händler und Dienstleister.