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Messe Dortmund 
Dortmund, Deutschland 
20. - 21.02.2019

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endiio GmbH

endiio GmbH

L 06 - 5

1220 Vienna

endiio GmbH is a young Industry 4.0 start-up company based in Vienna and Freiburg. endiio develops and markets maintenance-free sensor solutions for retrofitting IoT-based monitoring systems in the areas of power, paper, tool and drive technology – from data acquisition to visualization. Based on a novel and modular solution platform, endiio enables its customers to realize smart and cost-effective maintenance solutions with low system complexity, thus supporting the implementation of advanced maintenance strategies for condition-based and predictive maintenance in combination with remote service procedures. The solution is thus aimed primarily at increasing plant availability and reducing indirect maintenance costs.


Product news

  • endiio wins the first start-up award at the 10th Deutscher Maschinenbau-Gipfel

    endiio presented its retrofittable and self-powered sensor platform at the Deutscher Maschinenbau-Gipfel and won the first start-up award of the VDMA!

  • Retrofitting Operating Time Monitoring

    With the endiio digitization solution, condition monitoring can be retrofitted without complex modifications to the machine. This automated condition monitoring captures states, and transmits and monitors them using intelligent software. This works by means of a special sensor unit, which can be operated maintenance-free thanks to a patented radio procedure and energy harvesting.

    Using the endiio technology, maintenance costs can be reduced and production processes can be optimized by:

    • The ability to query conditions and machine run times by pressing a button;
    • Automatic detection of anomalies such as vibrations;
    • Easy retrofitting and operation of condition monitoring.


  • From Networking to Predictive Maintenance

    endiio offers a modular sensor platform that makes it possible to flexibly and easily retrofit data acquisition and connectivity while at the same time operating maintenance-free.
    Standardized interfaces and a flexible platform software makes it possible to connect different sensors (manufacturer-independent) to the system, to monitor and to process the data.
    An individual, simple, retrofittable and customized condition monitoring of a machine is thus possible. Sensors can be selected and used based on their specifications and measurement characteristics. These can be measured variables such as surface temperature, humidity, acceleration, vibration, power consumption, magnetic field and operating time.