Exhibitor list

Exhibitor list

M.J. Van Riel B.V. - Industrial Movements

M.J. Van Riel B.V. - Industrial Movements


5048AN Tilburg

Moving industries forward: our mission that has kept us on-point since 1946.

We offer our clients industry leading solutions in horizontal and vertical transportation, in national as well as international markets. That’s why our equipment always reflect the newest technological innovations. With their hands on mentality and enthusiasm, our knowledgeable personnel really gives us the opportunity to thrive. Part of this is our project management staff, who not only always base our work on our clients business processes, but also provide them with one personal point of contact. All of this is done complying to the highest of safety regulations and checks.

This is how we can offer our clients reduced financial & sequential risks and time & cost efficient soluitions. This way they can get on with their businesses as fast as possible.

That’s what we call turnkey industrial movements.


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    ‘A new job every day’ and ‘a way of life’ both describe working at M.J. van Riel. It’s might not always be easy, but it definitely is lots of fun, very diverse and challenging.

    Your colleagues aren’t always your friends. But at M.J. van Riel, this is what makes us thrive. Because together we achieve more than on our own. Because real friends tell the truth. Because you can be yourself around your friends. And because it just gives us more pleasure in our work.

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