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Cold Jet Bvba

Cold Jet Bvba


1731 Zellik

Cold Jet® has two distinct lines of business centered around the use of dry ice. We provide environmental cleaning, surface preparation and parts finishing systems to global manufacturing industries. These systems utilize particles of dry ice as a blasting medium.

Secondly, we produce systems for the production, metering and packaging of dry ice. These systems enable the consistent production of a controlled range of dry ice products for food transportation, cold chain management and dry ice cleaning. Customers are using our technology-based solutions to replace outdated processes that are inefficient and harmful to health and safety.

For more information, visit www.coldjet.com or call 0032 13 539 547 or +1-513-831-3211 (International).


Product news

  • Product launch COLD JET ASP-T at the Tire Technology Expo 2019 in Hannover, Germany

    COLD JET ASP-T was developed for the automated cleaning of tire molds - inside and outside the press - using 3 mm to 0.3 mm sized particles. The system can be easily integrated into existing processes, which saves up to 70% of the cleaning time compared to other cleaning methods. The process parameters can be adjusted to fit the selected cleaning program according to the requirements of the tire molds, with or without spring vents. The dry ice can be adjusted to more effectively clean surfaces depending on the complexity of the side walls and tread in combination with the curing cycles. The system can be used to perform automated cleaning of the most common tire molds inside the vulcanization press with an open segment position capability. This eliminates flash and rework at the final finish department. It also allows for the cleaning of sidewalls in only one cleaning cycle. These unique features lead to enormous cost savings, increased productivity and a competitive advantage.