Travel & Accommodation

Travel & Accomodation

Travel tips

From Algiers International Airport to your Hotel

The journey normally takes around 10 to 20 minutes from the airport to the main hotels near the exhibition. Please contact your hotel to assist and arrange a complimentary transportation service from/to the airport. Some hotels can arrange a free shuttle; taxis are available but independent from the hotel (do only take OFFICIAL taxis please). Click here to request your visa for Algeria.


Use only official taxis (they have a sign on their roof). You shouldn't pay more than 1500 DZD for your journey from the Airport to main hotels near the exhibition.

Change & Credit Cards

Please avoid changing money out of the bank network. Most of the hotels accept credit card but any other spending (restaurant, taxi, etc...) outside of your hotel will have to be paid cash. There are very little ATM in Algiers, make sure to have a little bit of cash on you by changing some money in the Airport or (if possible) at the Hotel.


Preferred hotels in Algiers

Hotels located close from the Exhibition Venue (CIC Algiers) :

- AZ HOTEL PALM BEACH (4* - Distance 20 min)

- AZ HOTEL ZERALDA (*4 - Distance 15 min)

HOTEL TAZA STAOUELI (2*  - Distance 5 min)

HOLIDAY INN (4* - Distance 15 min)

- SHERATON CLUB DES PINS (5* - Distance -5 min)


Much further (not recommended) :

SOFITEL (5* - Distance : 45 minutes)

MERCURE (4* - Distance : 45 minutes) 

IBIS (3*- Distance : 45 minutes)

PALACE CENTER (4* - Distance : 60 minutes)

EL AURASSI (5* - Distance : 45 minutes)

OASIS (5* - Distance : 45 minutes)

JARDY (4* - Distance : 25 minutes)