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Weiss Technik France

Weiss Technik France


95615 Cergy Pontoise Cedex

Weiss Technik France is a subsidiary of the German group Weiss Umweltechnik, the European leader in the manufacture of climatic chambers, ovens (industrial and laboratory) and industrial ovens.

We offer a whole range of climatic equipment for the simulation of the environment (enclosure and thermal oven (hot cold), climatic chamber (hot humid cold), salt fog, thermal shock, chamber for vibrating pot, vacuum chamber, oven , fitotron (phytotron), climatic stability chamber, ...), of a high level of quality, from the economic base model to the tailor-made equipment designed to meet the specific needs of customers in the automotive sector , aeronautics, electronics, but also pharmacy, cosmetics, agribusiness ...

Some of our equipment is manufactured in France, on our production site in the Bordeaux region, such as the WTL / WKL laboratory enclosures and the Pharma range (ICH enclosures). These products are exported all over the world.

We have an answer adapted to all your needs of climatic tests, for all your tests in temperature, humidity, pressure, vibration or other.