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20037 Paderno Dugnano (Mi)

Cos.Mec is a leading Italian manufacturer of powder handling and granulation equipment for the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries and has been operating on international markets for nearly thirty years.

Our full range of tailor-made equipment includes: bag emptying stations, vibrating sievers, hammer and cone mills, vacuum transfer systems, bins (IBCs), drums, High Shear Mixers, Fluid Bed Dryers, oscillating granulators, turbulence screeners, bin and drum mixers, “V” and bicone mixers, column lifts, bin gravimetric unloading stations, washing stations, etc.

Maghreb Pharma visitors will have the possibility to see some of our laboratory equipment and meet our staff at Cos.Mec booth.

Our products are designed and manufactured in full compliance with the main international regulations and procedures like cGMP and FDA.

Quality, performance and safety are the main features of Cos.Mec equipment, which allow us to fulfill the increasing expectations of the international market.

The keys to our success are our very good price/quality ratio, our effective pre and post sales services and local support on the main international markets and, finally, our brand that is 100% Made in Italy. Our products combine the quality of design and of raw materials with advanced process automation and ease of use.

Cos.Mec: your global partner for solid forms.

More information available on: www.cosmec-it.com