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West Bengal Chemical Industries Limited

West Bengal Chemical Industries Limited


700089 West Bengal

West Bengal Chemical industries Limited, Kolkata, India is a cGMP, ISO, HACCP certified company reigning in API, Neutraceutical & Mineral Supplement industries for more than half a century with its unique and uncompromising business vision. Mostly focused in manufacture of different mineral salts with organic acids and carbohydrates, WBCIL is reckoned to be the leader in his own domain.
The mineral salts are produced at quality levels stipulated by pharmacopoeias, regulatory food guidelines or customer’s specifications. This includes the adaptation of chemical and physical parameters like bulk density, particle size, purity, pH-value etc.
Ferric Ammonium Citrate / Iron (III) Polymaltose Complex / Ferric Carboxymaltose / Iron Isomaltoside / Ferric Citrate / Iron (Ferrous) Bisglycinate / Ferrous Asparto Glycinate / Ferrous Ascorbate / Ferric Pyrophosphate / Ferrous Glycine Sulphate / Sucroferric Oxyhydroxide / L – Methylfolate / Calcium Acetate / Calcium Citrate / Calcium Lactogluconate / Calcium Propionate / Sodium Butyrate / Nicorandil / Manganese Glycine Sulphate / Copper Glycine Sulphate are a few of our products which have gained the confidence of the domestic and foreign clients.
We have special expertise in chelated minerals, DC grade & Premix of APIs.
DMF of all the products are ready & available. Also DMF of some products have been submitted to USFDA.”