Who visits?

Meet buyers from the Algerian, Tunisian & Moroccan Pharmaceutical Industry

MAGHREB PHARMA consistently attracts the region's top manufacturers and distributors, providing the perfect platform to engage with those otherwise hard-to-meet decision-makers. Here are the top job titles of the visitors :

  • CEO / VP / Managing Director / Owners: 25 %
  • Senior Manager (supervising a team): 37 %
  • Middle Manager (non-supervising): 11 %
  • Other (pharmacists, lab staff, technicians): 24 %


Visitors come from these geographical areas:

·         Algeria

·         Italy

·         Morocco

·         Belgium

·         Tunisia

·         Germany

·         Ivory Coast

·         Austria

·         France

·         Senegal

·         India

·         Switzerland

·         Spain

·         Luxemburg

·         Lybia

·         UK

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Key facts about the North African pharmaceutical industry:

  • Strong incentives from the Algerian authorities to develop local pharmaceutical production (currently 45% locally produced, the governmental objective is to reach 75 % by 2022.) and promote technology and knowledge transfer.

  • 140 manufacturing investments for the construction of new plants in Algeria divided as follows (source: Algerian Ministry of Health):
  • 75 medicine factories projects
  • 32 medtech factories projects
  • 13 antiseptic factories projects
  • 3 dental products factories projects
  • 6 chemical reagents factories projects
  • 3 medical gases factories projects
  • 8 packaging factories projects

  • A mature and dynamic industry in Morocco that invests more than 30 million EUR each year in equipments and investment to develop its production and development capacities.
  • A fast growing industry in Tunisia that produces 47% of its needs locally and offers strong incentives to investors in the pharmaceutical field to grow this number.
  • Low availability in the whole of North Africa of products and services suppliers, creating a nationwide issue of supply chain management for APIs, reagents and equipments, and therefore creating drug shortages.

Visiting companies include:

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