Getting a VISA as Visitor

You will probably need a visa to travel to Algeria and therefore an invitation letter from us.

This invitation letter will be joined to your visa request in your country of origin.

We deliver VISA invitation letters for the Visitors from the following countries :

* GCC countries
* Lebanon / Jordan / Egypt
* West African Countries
* Ethiopia
* Sudan
* Libya

>>> VERY IMPORTANT : you will have to prove that you are a decision-maker in a Pharmaceutical company and provides all requested proof of activity we will ask (trade registry, professional e-mail address, etc...). If you are a proven professionnal, we will send a VISA Invitation Letter but the ALGERIAN EMBASSY in your country is the only one that can decide to grant you the VISA or not. We will not legalize any document. We will not emit any engagement or repatriation letter.


1) Obtain a visa invitation letter from us:

a) Please fill in the online Visa Invitation Form

b) If your request is approved, we will send you an invitation letter to submit your visa request

2) Submit your visa request to the Algerian Embassy: 

Once you receive the invitation letter from us, you will have to submit your visa request dossier to the Algerian Embassy in your country (process takes around 20 days).

Getting a VISA as Exhibitor

Please contact us immediately, we will take care of your VISA request in priority.