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Inventech Benelux B.V.

Inventech Benelux B.V.


4906BB Oosterhout NB

Inventech Benelux BV helps organisations to significantly improve the quality of their products and to produce them sustainably, efficiently and cost-effectively. With our high-quality analytical instrumentation, inventive solutions and service-oriented approach, we are a reliable (knowledge) partner for our customers in the laboratory and process industry.


Product news

  • Complete analytical units for inline analyzers in (petro)chemistry

    Due to the increasing automation at production sites, there is a greater demand for complete analytical systems. Complete analytical units make it possible to assess all in-line analyzers built into the process from one central point. Inventech works together with Mechatest to deliver these complete analysis systems. Mechatest's core business is the design and construction of gas and liquid sampling and sample conditioning systems for the safe and reliable collection of hydrocarbons, chemicals, steam and water for analysis in the lab. Whether you want a complete analysis system for already in the process integrated in-line analytical instruments or a set of new solutions. Ask us about the possibilities for your organization and increase the efficiency of your process.

  • Continuous measurement of moisture in (plastic) granules

    Measuring moisture in plastic granules or other granulate products in the production process offers you the possibility to adjust the moisture content and control the quality of the (end) product. With the help of a continuous (in-line) analysis of moisture in granules, you ensure that the (end) product meets the specifications that the customer sets or your product requires.

    Measuring moisture in granules not only strengthens your competitive position, it yields a profit in more areas. Think of:
    Waste reduction and preventing rework;
    Improvement of product quality and product consistency;
    Increasing production and shorten time-to market;
    Reduction on maintenance;
    Prevents damage to equipment;
    Save energy.

    Do you want to know more? Visit Inventech in Hall 1, stand C340 during M + R.

  • Inline viscosity under control

    In various processes in many industries, viscosity plays a key role in controlling the production process. The viscosity of a product has an influence on the efficiency of your process and therefore on the production costs. With the knowledge about this parameter you are able to control the viscosity of your product and direct your process instantly. In heavy processes and demanding environments such as incineration technology the viscosity for example influences efficient pumping and loading and plays an important role in controlling the combustion efficiency.

    The Sofraser MIVI sensor is a viscosity meter at resonant frequency and the robust analyzer has no parts subject to wear. The most recent version of this process analyzer has more to offer; the density is measured so that, besides the dynamic viscosity, the kinematic viscosity can also be determined.

    Do you wish to know more? Visit us at M+R 2019, standnr. C340 for more information.


  • Focus on in-line analytical instrumentation during M+R

    During M + R we focus on presenting the latest in-line analytical instrumentation, which you can view live at our stand. We will display a few of our best in-line NIR spectrometers for the sector from brands such as ASD and Viavi, including Viavi’s PAT-W which is part of the innovation tour. We also present top brand (in-line) analytical instrumentation that measure viscosity, brix, density, moisture and other parameters in real-time. In addition to inline analytical instrumentation, we also have at-line, portable and/or handheld instrumentation in our package, with which you can also profit in often multiple areas of your process.
    We will be pleased to welcome you at our stand C340 in Hal 1 and tell you all you need to know to update your knowledge and boost your process.


  • Masterclass PAT: "The applications of NIR spectroscopy for the monitoring of mixing processes."

    Kees van der Sar, Product Specialist Spectroscopy at Inventech gives a masterclass on March 27 at 4 pm on "The applications of NIR spectroscopy for the monitoring of mixing processes". During this master class you will also receive all information about Viavi's PAT-W, which is part of the innovation tour. The masterclass takes place in the "PAT area", : in the space behind Inventech's stand C340 in Hall 1. The Wednesday afternoon is entirely dedicated to PAT and you can follow different PAT master classes.


  • Robust in-line O₂ analyzers

    With an in-line oxygen analysis you are able to optimize your process. To determine and monitor the purity of a gas or to control safety, reliable on-line measurement is crucial. Teledyne's on-line O₂ analyzers measure oxygen concentrations using various techniques; Electrochemical, paramagnetic, zirconium oxide and TDLAS.

    The INSTA TRANS is the latest and most flexible analyzer from Teledyne. This allows you to determine the oxygen content in your application within a few minutes by means of an electrochemical cell. The reliable oxygen analyzer from Teledyne has a freely adjustable measuring range of 0-10ppm and is also easy to convert to a percentage measurement (0-25%).

  • Building the impossible using in-line viscosity measurement

    Since Reynolds Polymer Technology, a company that specializes in leading acrylic and polymer designs, uses Sofraser's in-line viscosity measurement, their process is simpler and more efficient. Viscosity plays a key role in the development of the huge aquarium windows that the company designs and produces, as well as in the architectural glass and wall elements that they make; each object requires a specific viscosity.

    The Sofraser MIVI sensor is a solution for the company and helps to realize the mission: to build that which is impossible. The in-line measurement of Sofraser has more advantages: it shortens the time-to-market, reduces costs, is robust and easy to maintain. Watch the video below to see what their experiences are with in-line measurement of viscosity.

    We will be happy to provide you with more information; visit our stand C340, Hall 1 at M+R 2019.