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CaTeC bv

CaTeC bv


2292JB Wateringen

CaTeC B.V. (Wateringen) is the exclusive importer for the Netherlands and the Benelux from a broad line of measuring instruments and sensors.
The core of the instrumentation is aimed at measuring climatic parameters and the recording and analysis of measurement signals.

The instrumentation has sensors and transmitters for industrial, indoor, weather and installation technical processes, as a wide range of dataloggers and scientific measuring equipment.

Some examples of measurement parameters:
- relative humidity, and derived variables, - Temperature, - airspeed, - wind speed, -wind direction,
- barometric pressure, - CO2 - -light, - precipitation, -flow, - plant physiology

Our international suppliers are market leaders in the field of their instruments and sensors. In the development of future instruments plays CaTeC has an important role in the broad application knowledge.

In addition to the sale, supply, support and after sales support CaTeC has an extensive calibration and service department. Also changes, system integration, "blackbox" developments and technical support on site are possible. The working standards and practices are under continuous international identifiable control.

CaTeC has a long experience with various applications, and can help you in finding the right solution for your measuring problem. CaTeC B.V. is ISO-9001 certified.