Demo area

Demo area

Manual pallet wrapping with the LiteWrapper on demo square Logistics & Distribution

With the LiteWrapper you can manually wrap quickly, efficiently and ergonomicly. This is an perfect solution when it is economically not interesting to buy a pallet wrapping machine. Do you want to experience how the LiteWrapper works? EVC demonstrates it on the demo area.

The LiteWrapper allows you to wrap exceptionally fast. Within one minute a pallet can be stabilized without any physical labor. You can control the LiteWrapper with one hand and the ergonomic design ensures you that it is no longer necessary to bend over. You will never have problems with the tearing of the film, because of the strip. This is going quick and easy.

With the LiteWrapper you can wrap very efficiently. This will consume significantly less stretch film.
That is why this manual wrapping system is not only good for your employees but also for the environment!

The LiteWrapper is demonstrated in the video below. Do you want to experience the system by yourself? Visit the demo area or meet EVC at stand (A510).