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5960AE Horst

ARCO is a specialist in turnkey solutions that boost productivity and cost-efficiency. We are able to deliver high-quality, customer-specific solutions. Continuity, flexibility, and productivity are factors that are improved by ARCO solutions. Installations are made more reliable, more efficient, and more effective. When our customers face a challenge, we seek collaboration and work to achieve reliable, cost-efficient solutions.


Product news

  • This is why you should visit ARCO at Empack | Logistics & Distribution 2017

    System integrator ARCO will present an innovative turnkey solution for material handling and warehouse automation with live demonstrations at the Empack | Logistics & Distribution exhibition 2017. Furthermore, at the exhibition a brand new stand design will be revealed. At the comfortable booth, we will gladly answer all your intralogistics issues. We demonstrate an innovative solution for warehouse automation, consisting of a Pick to Light zone with a transfer to the case sealer, in-line scales, a print and apply unit, volume measurement and a possible sorting solution. Click here to download free entry tickets for the exhibition.

    Live demonstration

    At the ARCO booth, a total solution for material handling and warehouse automation is presented. This is just one of many solutions that have been delivered to our customers. Connections to ERP systems are the rule rather than the exception.
    Together with our customers we look at optimizing inbound, outbound and picking processes in conjunction with optimal space utilization and a minimum FTE capacity, to the highest possible output c.q. ROI

    A new look

    Our booth has new graphics that provide a fresh and innovative look and feel. In addition, the booth is equipped with several comfortable seating areas and a pantry for food and drinks. You see a sneak preview of the stand on the enclosed pictures.

    Why visiting the booth of ARCO is really worth

    At Empack | Logistics & Distribution, you can visit ARCO for answers to all your intralogistics challenges. We are able to provide high degree of automation, against a pre-calculated, low return on investment. On our stand we have live demonstrations on some of the modern solutions for material handling and warehouse automation. We look forward welcomming you at our brand new booth.

    You can find us at stand number B500 Empack | Logistics & Distribution.


  • ARCO presents a total solution at Logistics & Distribution in ‘S Hertogenbosch

    System integrator ARCO presents total solutions for warehouse automation during the Logistics & Distribution exhibition on 5 and 6 April in Den Bosch. The system consists of a Pick to Light zone with transfer to a case sealer. After closure, the box is weighed by means of an in-line scale. Then the box is labeled by a print and apply unit and after that volume measurement takes place. To close, a possible sorting solution is shown.
    This total solution is just a selection of the solutions that have been delivered to our customers. Connection to ERP systems are no exception.
    Together with our customers we optimize inbound, outbound and picking processes in combination with optimal space utilization, a minimum FTE capacity and the highest possible output and ROI.

    You can find ARCO at booth B500, Logistics & Distribution in Den Bosch.

    About ARCO
    The company from Horst, Netherlands is specialized in material handling, warehouse automation, sorting and picking. ARCO develops tailor-made systems and delivers turnkey. The company's clients include DHL, Footlocker and ModusLink.


  • Part 3: Small pack line DHL operational

    In this last and final part of this three-piece client case we'll learn how the Small pack line at DHL in Beringe, the Netherlands became operational.

    Packing line operational

    On January 2nd, preceded by months of preparation, building the installation, developing software changes and testing the new packing concept, the final phase of implementing the new packing line begun. At 13:00 the production stopped and the cutover started. The following acitvities were conducted simulainiously:
    •Move and rebuild of the pack stations to the new line
    •Roll-out of software changes to the WM/D and GRID instances
    •Production of Golden Orders on both, the new Mechanization and other processes

    The system passed all the tests and production could be started. As of the 3rd of January 2017, the packingline for packing the fine distribution, is operational!

    Days after the GO-LIVE

    In the next days after the GO-LIVE, a special project team was available for support and training. In the first week, several small startup hiccups were faced but after one week the ramp-up was completed and 100% of the flow was handled on the new packing line. Another week later, on Friday the 13th of January, the hypercare period could be ended and operations was able to run the process without any support of the project team.

    ARCO congratulates DHL with this beautiful new packaging line.

    More information about this project or ARCO? Please feel free to contact us.


  • Part 2: ‘Small Pack’ line DHL in test phase

    In the previous edition of this client case, we've learned that ARCO raised a project at DHL in Beringe, the Netherlands, to improve the DHL ‘Small Pack’ operation. The main goal of this project is cost reduction. In this second part of the client case, changes in hardware and software are pointed out. In addition, operations during the test phase are described.


    Over the last 4 weeks DHL's warehouse transformed into a small ‘construction site’ where running operations and all contractors worked closely together in order to install the new packing line. Since the operation is running in a high shipping season, this required a lot of alignment and flexibility between all parties. In the end, the installation of the hardware was finished according to the planning and no major impact on the running operation was experienced. To the benefit of the new process line, a lot of new hardware is installed. The new hardware installations include:
    •Infrastructures like power, data and air connections
    •Horizontal and vertical conveyors to transport the cartons to the mezzanine and back
    •Box Erector and Box Closer to automatically setup the cartons and close the cartons after packing
    •Automated in-line weighing scale to validate the shipping weight of the carton
    •Automated Print & Apply unit to apply the transport label
    •Flow racking to store the prepared cartons for picking (one-stop-shop)

    Next to the hardware, also all several software changes were developed and first tests are successful. From a software perspective, the following has been delivered:
    •Changes to the WM/D routing and packing menu’s
    •Design of a new picking label which also will be used as the packing label
    •Development of three Web applications to display pack instructions digitally (instead of hardcopy), a document solution to print all documents with a single scan and a troubleshoot module for the complete packing process

    Testing phase

    In the upcoming weeks, the new packing line will be tested intensively. This testing period will be used to:
    •Test the performance of both, the hardware and software elements. By performing regression tests, capacity tests, functional tests for the happy flow and exception handlings
    •Train the team on the new functionalities
    •Preparation for GO LIVE as of January 2017

    The testing phase is crucial for a smooth transition to the new packaging concept at DHL. More information about this project or ARCO? Please feel free to contact us.


  • Part 1: Cost reduction in "Small Pack" DHL

    In 2015 a project was raised by ARCO to improve the DHL ‘Small Pack’ operation within the European Distribution Center in Beringe, the Netherlands, with the main goal to reduce costs. In the first part of this client case, the development process of this project is described. Within this project 4 main focus areas of cost reduction where defined:
    •Footprint in square meters (m2),
    •Maintenance and Repair costs of current packing line,
    •Consumables used within the packaging process,
    •Transport savings by increasing the fill rate of the carton.

    Automation and design

    Engineers of ARCO developed the complete packing line custom made to the requirements of DHL. After multiple studies on feasibility of several process and solution design, in March 2016 a final solution design was chosen. After several months of preparation, the new packing line will be installed in November and December 2016. As of 2017 the packing line is planned to GO LIVE. The new packing line contains a lot of automation like an automatic box erector to setup the boxes, two spiral conveyors to transport the boxes to the mezzanine and back, camera scanning, an automatic in-line weighing scale, an automatic box closer to close and tape the boxes and a label applicator to automatically apply the transport label.

    Take a look at the 3D picture, to get an idea how the new packing line will look like.

    Performance dialog

    Unique to this project is the performance dialog with DHL employees. By use of yellow boards, detailed project information is made available to all employees. Next, everyone can share their ideas, questions and concerns by writing it on a yellow post-it. Every week, these post-its will be answered by an orange post-it and explained in a Performance Dialog. This allows DHL and ARCO to look over the “Small Pack” operation from different perspectives and to make adjustments if necessary.

    More information about this project or ARCO? Please feel free to contact us.


Job ads

  • PLC/WMS Software engineer

    Als medewerker bij ARCO werk je mee aan het verbeteren van bedrijfsprocessen bij onze klanten. In de functie van Software Engineer ben je verantwoordelijk voor het ontwerpen en programmeren van industriële besturingssoftware voor machines en productielijnen waarmee onze opdrachtgever werkt.