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EVC Paktafel Logistiek

EVC Paktafel Logistiek


5405BH Uden

We design, manufacture and give advise on work stations made to customer specifications, requirements and/or needs for packing, unpacking, assembly, kitting and for a variety of applications.

One of our Representatives will discuss with you, any activities to be performed and will then advise on the appropriate configuration for the optimal work station.

Our Specialists will advise on how to keep all lifting, turning and walking activities to a minimum. This will not only raise employee productivity and output, but will also help to create a more ergonomic working environment.

We can also supply a more ergonomic work environment for manual pallet wrapping. The LiteWrapper® system is our own design and creation. It is specifically designed to accelerate the overall process and to produce the optimal stabilized pallet.


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