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Elements in danger

Did you know that your mobile phone contains at least 30 different naturally-occurring elements? Natural sources of six of these are set to run out within the next 100 years, with several more under rising threat from increased use.

Date: 17 September 2019

Source: Royal Society of Chemistry 


UK BioBank Project Is Taken to the Next Level by Sequencing 500,000 Genomes

Built between the years of 2006–2010, the UK BioBank is a national and international health resource established by the Wellcome Trust medical charity, Medical Research Council, Department of Health, Scottish Government and the Northwest Regional Development Agency. 

Date: 17 September 2019

Source: Technology Networks 

A real chemical showman

Science populariser and chemist extraordinaire Andrea Sella will be a keynote speaker at this year’s Lab Innovations. We caught up with him to talk brave graduate students, historical apparatus and taboo chemistry...

Date: 28 August 2019

Brexit: No-deal is a bad deal for UK science

In a video livestreamed from his desk at Downing Street on Thursday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced plans to relax immigration rules for scientists in preparation for exiting the EU at the end of October.

Date: 9 August 2019

New methodology identifies odorants and tastants simultaneously

Breakthrough by scientists in Germany could simplify and accelerate the quality control of raw ingredients

Date: 1 August 2019

Source: Cleanroom Technology

Detecting Disease With "Sniff-Cam"

Having bad breath can mean someone ate a smelly lunch, but it could indicate that the person is sick. 

Date: 01 August 2019

Source: Technology Networks 

Imperial develops fluorescent artificial cell

Imperial College London has created an artificial cell that fluoresces when it detects chemical changes in the surrounding environment.

Date: 31 July 2019

In the Clear

Ion chromatography can predict invisible deterioration of glass objects.

Date: 31 July 2019

Source: The Analytical Scientist 

UK MPs criticise government inaction on harmful chemicals

A report calls for urgent changes to the way flame retardants and packaging additives are regulated

Date: 21 July 2019

Source: Chemistry World 

Evolve Project aims to tackle big data processing

The European Commission is planning to tackle the challenges with big data processing with a project that has been launched under the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme. 

Date: 15 July 

Source: Scientific Computing World