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Aport Global Laboratory Relocation

Aport Global Laboratory Relocation


PR7 4JR Adlington
United Kingdom

Aport is a global specialist in laboratory relocation – whether that’s moving a single, priceless sample or co-ordinating the move of a multi-departmental lab complex.

Visit us for your free relocation planning guide and a no-obligation chat about your requirements.

Services include:
Relocation both Domestic and International, New Instrument Deliveries
Single Instrument Moves
Project Management
Decommission and Recommission of Instrumentation
Movement of Samples
Temperature Controlled to -80
Dangerous and Hazardous Goods relocation

Product news

  • Challenging instrument relocation completed for the Defence Electronics and Components Agency

    Aport assisted DECA with a challenging internal relocation of a thermal chamber. Despite being relocated within a single site, the 500kg instrument required careful handling through limited access routes.
    Overseen by a crew of six Aport relocation specialists, the team used hydraulic scoots, strapping and anti-static protective packaging to ensure the safe transit of the chamber.
    Commercial director Tom Wickstead commented: “We had to plan around extremely difficult access to the destination point which involved the taking down of walls and doors. Problem solving such as this is second nature to us and we were delighted by the feedback we received.”


  • Unique film archive move required robust fire protection

    Aport has worked with an international records management firm to relocate a large quantity of highly flammable cellulose nitrate film from a storage facility it had inherited.

    The film – which was discontinued more than 60 years ago – becomes unstable and can spontaneously combust once it begins to degrade, becoming increasingly dangerous.

    More than 400 pallets of the film was stored at the warehouse.

    Aport first categorised the film according to level of degradation and therefore risk of combustion. Then, over four weeks, all film had to be moved in accordance with ADR regulations.

    Any film graded at stage four and above was taken to an MOD base where it will be stored in ordnance shelters fitted with blast doors.

    Film graded up to stage four was moved to a new cold storage facility, where it will be kept in specially designated areas.

    The client approached Aport because of the company’s reputation in planning and management of complex dangerous goods moves and our use of specialist temperature controlled vehicles, fitted with additional fire precautions and nitrate gas detectors.

    Aport’s commercial director Tom Wickstead commented: “This was an urgent job which required fast completion to avoid potential hazard to the client’s premises, but which also necessitated thorough and careful preparatory work to establish the extent of the danger.

    “On top of the inherent risks, what made this job particularly unique was the nature of the film in transit, which was owned by The British Film Institute and included productions of ‘Pathe News’, ‘Movietone News’, and Pinewood and Ealing Studios recordings. Our crew spotted some incredible pieces of move history, including the original rushes from Goldfinger, You Only Live Twice and From Russia with Love.”