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Faster - Crowthorne Group

Faster - Crowthorne Group


SO23 0LD Winchester
United Kingdom

Faster S.r.l’s clean air and laboratory products are sold in the UK by Biopharma Group, supported by a team of experienced product specialists and engineers, who are committed to providing value and outstanding service to existing and prospective customers.

Helping to support and service Faster equipment in the laboratory is our trusted service partner Crowthorne Group. With 30+ engineers around the UK with a wealth of qualifications and experience, the maintenance and repair of your equipment is sure to be as quick and cost effective as possible.

Faster provides a reliable range of clean air equipment including; safety cabinets, laminar flow work benches and fume cupboards as well as bespoke products and larger industrial equipment including softwall cleanrooms and air showers. All products are designed to be energy efficient with the flexibility to deliver bespoke product to those customers with more complex applications.

Our product experts have experience in developing specialist small scale installations as well as co-ordinating with distributors and contractors to deliver large-scale projects.

Biopharma Group, in association with Crowthorne Group have established the perfect combination of customer and supplier network, industry knowledge and loyal customer base to whom we continue offer unrivalled service and expertise.


Product news

  • Cell Therapy and Clean Air

    Cell therapy and gene therapy are the buzz words most commonly heard in modern laboratories.

    In yester year you would have entered a laboratory to find powder handlers and pill making machines along with fume cupboards and chemical storage devices and scientists creating pharmaceutical and performing microbiological testing.

    The laboratories of today are tightly controlled and validated cleanroom facilities filled with state-of-the-art clean air technology in the form of class II microbiological safety cabinets, isolators all ensuring the air within the work space is clean of any particles.

    Air coming into and out of the cleanroom is filtered as well as the air passing into and out of the equipment within. Laboratory personnel must pass through a rigorous entry process including wearing multiple layers of protective clothing and sometimes such lengths as wet showers. All to ensure the cleanliness of the facility.

    The requirement to maintain acute cleanliness is due to the high-profile nature of the cell therapy being performed by the modern-day scientist.

    CAR-T cell therapy is the process whereby T cells are extracted from a patient’s body and modified to seek and destroy cancer cells by implanting a chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) in the cell.

    CAR-T cell therapy has been used by cancer research bodies throughout the world in ground-breaking work including that of the Cancer Research Institute who are leaders in the fight against paediatric cancers.

    We at Biopharma Process Systems (BPS) understand the stringent validation requirements of cleanroom facilities as well as clean air equipment which must be maintained to meet the expectations of MHRA. BPS are the ideal partner who understand and can support document preparation and execution to maintain a clean laboratory.