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1030 Brussels

Sample preparation for XRF and ICP analyses Sample preparation is a key step to ensuring that analyses are effective.

In most industries, sample preparation is a key step to ensure that analyses are truly effective. To achieve accurate and reliable results that comply with the official standard test methods for analysis of all the different materials, it is essential that good quality samples are delivered to the spectrometers for measurement.
With more than 20 years’ experiences, XRF Scientific provides quality equipment and consumables for the preparation of samples destined at these types of analysis.
XRF Scientific enhances analytical results for users through providing technical and chemical solutions as well as through systems and supplies. Our focus is on providing complete applications that have a direct impact on performance for end users.
XRF Scientific products are used in sample preparation and material handling and are mainly applied in industrial quality control and in process control for manufacturing processes in industries such as metals and mining, construction materials, chemicals and petrochemicals.

Products Range
- Crushing and Milling
- Fusion XRF & ICP
- Platinum and platinum alloy products
- Pressing and Pelletizing
- Liquid Samples & loose Powders
- XRF Drift Monitors

Product news

  • new Electric fusion machine: one (1) position

    XRF SCIENTIFIC are pleased to announce the launch of the xrFuse1 one place design electric fusion system.
    The machine expands our range of industry leading electric fusion machines that are already available in two (2) and six (6) positions.
    The xrFuse1 takes all of the robust and reliable features from the xrFuse2 and xrFuse6, into a compact machine, ideal for lower throughput users or specialised applications.
    Through our proprietary quick change-out mechanism, users can alternate between XRF glass bead and ICP solutions preparations in a matter of seconds.

    Key product features:
    • Compact design
    • Extremely safe and easy to use.
    • Cold to cold operation
    • Easy switch from glass disks to solutions (XRF & ICP)
    • Expandable to a two (2) place to follow your future requirements