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Spectronic CamSpec Ltd

Spectronic CamSpec Ltd


LS251DX Leeds
United Kingdom

Since 1971, Spectronic CamSpec Ltd have supplied and serviced quality analytical laboratory instruments all over the UK. Highly respected by universities and industries alike, our services are second to none. In 2008, we purchased the CamSpec company and began supplying the intelligent and popular CamSpec spectrophotometer range worldwide. We are now the largest independent scientific instrument supplier in the UK.

Our diverse instrument range includes CamSpec Spectrophotometers, Flame Photometers, FT-IR Spectrometers, Mercury Analysers, Food Texture Analysers, Electrochemical Equipment and more. We also supply all of the required accessories and consumables such as lamps and cuvettes, which can be used with all analytical systems. Please refer to our website to view the complete range and learn more.

In addition to this, we offer excellent service contracts with every system we supply. Our friendly engineers are experienced and qualified to clean and calibrate instruments to the highest standard. Training can also be provided.

Having over 45 years of experience, Spectronic CamSpec Ltd have a deep and broad mastery of analytical chemistry - spectroscopy in particular. We know all about the everyday problems faced in the laboratory and our main goal is to make your job easier, eliminating as many of these problems as we can.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about our fantastic firm. We can't wait to meet you at Lab Innovations!

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Twitter: @SpecCams
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Pushing the boundaries of flame photometry

What can be achieved with a flame photometer has been redefined by BWB Technologies.

With unrivaled accuracy, low cost and ease of use the BWB flame photometer is not only the best flame photometer available but is the first real alternative to AAS (atomic absorption spectrometry) and ICP (induced coupling plasma) for measuring Lithium Li, Sodium Na, Potassium K, Calcium Ca & Barium Ba. BWB Technologies is a UK owned and operated company focused on the design, manufacture and sales of award winning flame photometers.

Drawing on an Anglo-American team of leading industry specialists we strive to create high quality, cost effective products that redefine what is achievable with a low temperature flame.

From our manufacturing plant in Newbury, England, BWB Technologies have introduced a series of flame photometer products, and accessories, which exceed existing expectations in terms of specification, usability, accuracy, reporting, build quality and value for money.

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Facebook: @BWBtech
Twitter: @BWBtech
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Product news

  • BWB Launches New Flame Photometer

    BWB Technologies Ltd, a leading manufacturer of flame photometric instrumentation and peripheral equipment, has announced that it will be exhibiting its latest innovations at Lab Innovations 2019, stand number D16. The latest generation of flame photometers will be on show for the first time since the launch in July. Pushing the boundaries of flame photometric detection, BWB continuously researches new, advanced ways of bringing its clients the easiest and most cost-efficient instrumentation available on the market. In collaboration with their UK distributor, Spectronic CamSpec Ltd, the award winning and most popular XP model will be on display. The XP instrument offers 5 channel simultaneous detection, user selectable units of measurement, up to 10 points of calibration per Ion, quick 1-point calibration correction, built-in silent running compressor, multi-element calibrations, internal results storage, PC software and as with any instrument in the range, is ready to use straight out of the box.

    “We purchased the BWB-XP Flame Photometer model to replace our Perkins Elmer Gas analyser, this had served us well for the last 15 years. What attracted us to the BWB-XP was the apparent ease of operation, the key pad menu makes the unit both easy to set up and quick to calibrate. The unit was removed from the packaging, set up, calibrated and was producing acceptable results within a couple of hours! “Just add gas.” Results are very consistent as long as good lab practice is followed regarding preparation and handling of the calibration standards. The report publishing aspect of the software via PDF is excellent! Simple clear graph and set of results with even the capability of adding your own company logo. Direct customer support from BWB has been FIRST CLASS, a real happy to help/resolve any matters approach, as has the supply of the service items etc.”
    Mick Howard, Production Co-ordinator for R-MC Power Recovery Ltd


  • National Horizons Super Laboratory

    This September, Teesside University opens a brand new, purpose built ‘Super Lab’ to their students. Serious research will be carried out daily here as the country’s promising young scientists work towards their qualifications and degrees. This is a huge step forward for scientific education and will hopefully act as incentive for more young people to consider a career in science.

    Spectronic CamSpec have supplied and serviced spectrophotometers to Teesside University for years, building strong relationships with the Technical Assistants and Laboratory Managers. Recognising the value and quality of our services, Teesside asked us to supply their new analytical super lab with a number of CamSpec UV-Vis M501 and M550 spectrophotometers. One of our service engineers spent a whole day at National Horizons for the installation, setting up the instruments and ensuring everything was running smoothly. On the same day, another of our expert engineers installed a Mercury Analyser at University of Exeter in Penryn – almost at the opposite end of the country!

    We soon returned to Teesside to deliver a training session on the CamSpec spectrophotometers and their PC software. Professors and academics from many different walks of life attended and were impressed by the instruments and their capabilities. We covered everything from taking readings to general maintenance; our training sessions are given by highly knowledgeable, qualified engineers who work with the instruments every day and aim to ensure our end-users have the best possible experience.

    The National Horizons Super Lab is going to be amazing and provide hundreds of budding scientists with fantastic facilities to complete their all-important education. Spectronic CamSpec is thrilled to have been a part of this step forward in science in the UK and wishes all students in September the best of luck in their qualifications.