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Abbott Informatics - STARLIMS


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Abbott Informatics (AI) provides leading Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) solutions that have served customers around the world for more than 30 years. The company's flagship product, STARLIMS, helps improve the reliability of laboratory sampling processes, manage complex testing workflows and analytical methods, support compliance with global regulatory requirements and industry standards, and provide comprehensive reporting, monitoring and analysis capabilities. With multiple support centers throughout the world, AI solutions are used in labs across multiple industries and disciplines including pharma & biotech, life sciences, forensics, food & beverage, manufacturing, petrochemical refineries and oil & gas, chemical, public health, and environmental.


Product news


    Abbott announced the launch of STARLIMS Quality Manufacturing Solution QM 12.0, to support integration with various types of platforms and manage data from product concept to consumer. STARLIMS QM 12.0 is designed for the global manufacturing and R&D sectors including pharmaceuticals/biotech, chemicals and petrochemicals, oil and gas, food and beverage, contract services, consumer products and general manufacturing. This new offering is built on the latest version of the STARLIMS Technology platform 11.7.
    "Due to market demand for more intuitive user experiences, STARLIMS QM 12.0 is designed to offer increased freedom of interoperability," said Mark Spencer, vice president and general manager, Informatics, Abbott.

    - HTML5: STARLIMS QM 12.0 has been converted to HTML5, so customers now have a fresh, new look up front.
    - A Verification Kit: As an add-on, the kit offers templates that will be particularly valuable for customers who have little experience validating a LIMS, or who are still working to establish methodologies for validating electronic systems. The kit includes a set of documentation that can be leveraged when validating the software’s core functionality.
    - Integrated Request Management Portal: Customers continue to experience the same ease of collaboration with internal departments and external partners that submit sample testing requests, however, with the addition of a branding kit, customers can either retain the standardized login page layout or personalize the login entry point. A default entry point dashboard makes navigation fast and simple, and shows user-relevant tasks up front, while additional support for unknown material testing and test requests will simplify managing nonstandard requests.
    - Applications: it also features applications for streamlining sample and batch management, with intuitive instrument integration and out-of-the-box interfacing with third-party applications.



    Abbott announced the launch of a laboratory information management system, STARLIMS Life Sciences Solution 11.1, to help manage complex sample and testing workflows, as well as help drive data safety and integrity throughout the entire lifecycle. STARLIMS LS 11.1 is designed for the following industries: pre-clinical, clinical research, biorepository, animal health, molecular, specialty diagnostics and academic research, which manage and test clinical samples. This new offering is built on the latest version of the STARLIMS Technology platform 11.7.
    Continuous improvements and innovations within laboratory information management systems (LIMS) platforms are critical as the amount of data grows exponentially, as many industries move towards molecular testing and precision medicine, and as pressure mounts to bring new products to market faster.
    Molecular laboratory testing continues to advance as molecular workflows such as next generation sequencing (NGS) and real time Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) testing are now available beyond research laboratories to contract research organizations, public health, and specialty diagnostic testing. NGS and PCR testing require several steps of sample preparation, calculations for reagents, quality control and inventory tracking.

    "STARLIMS Life Sciences Solution 11.1 gives customers the flexibility to self-configure a wide choice of assays in an integrated fashion within our biorepository, inventory and quality control offerings," said Mark Spencer, vice president and general manager, Informatics, Abbott.
    STARLIMS Life Sciences Solution 11.1 offers workflow-centric infrastructures and support for predictive analytics. This new functionality helps customers manage their data from concept to consumer, which addresses the increasing demand for better global system integration, while allowing multiple functions access to this data.