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Sartorius Lab Instruments is a subsidiary of Sartorius AG that supplies high-quality laboratory instruments, high-grade consumables and excellent services. Customers are from research and quality assurance laboratories of the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries as well as from the academic sector. The product portfolio focuses on high-value laboratory instruments, such as lab balances, pipettes and laboratory water purification systems. Moreover, a wide range of consumables, such as laboratory filters and pipette tips is offered. In laboratory weighing technology, Sartorius ranks as the world's second largest equipment supplier, and enjoys a strong position among the leading global suppliers for consumables, pipettes and laboratory water purification systems.


Product news

  • Picus® NxT Brochure

    Download our brochure on the new Picus NxT pipette here


  • Ergonomic pipettes. Listen to your hand - Request your free trial now!

    Up to 40% of lab professionals suffer from injuries related to pipette use. Your hand knows that. With ergonomic Sartorius pipettes, you can be sure your hand will make it through the day in good shape. All you need is minimum force to pipette the correct quantities for perfect results – your hand will love it.

    Reduce your risk of injury by using Sartorius pipettes designed for natural hand movement and professional workflow.

    For the ultimate user experience, order your personal pipette for a free trial period to discover on your own what the ideal combination of ergonomics, absolute reliability and a well-balanced design will do for you.


  • Sartorius Claristep® Filtration System - Precision Syringeless Filtering!

    Preparing samples by clarification is an essential step prior to nearly all analytical techniques, but particularly important for techniques such as high pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC). But HPLC presents some challenges today: HPLC requires precision particle removal, from small volumes, that need to come through filters that don’t add extractables or leachables to the mix that complicate the analysis, and the whole process has to be fast and very easy to use—as HPLC is hard enough, preparing the samples for it shouldn’t be! Fortunately, Sartorius’ legendary ability to innovate has led to the development of a new, easy-to-use and straightforward filtration expressly tailored for today’s HPLC needs. The manually operated Claristep® Filtration System consisting of a station and filter units provides a modern, simple fix for HPLCs demanding needs

    - Up to 8 samples are processed simultaneously
    - Syringeless: No syringe required
    - Portable, no need for a vacuum source or a power supply
    - For sample volumes from 60 μL to 600 μL
    - Hold-up volume < 30 μL


  • Universal 320 Centrifuge

    Download the latest Hettich Universal 320 small benchtop centrifuge brochure here


  • Rotina 380 Centrifuge

    Download the latest Hettich Rotina 380 large benchtop centrifuge brochure here


  • arium® mini Brochure

    Download the latest arium® mini water system brochure here


  • Claristep® Filtration System Brochure

    Download the latest brochure of our new Claristep® filtration system


  • Tacta® Mechanical Pipette

    Download the Tacta® brochure, the latest of our mechanical pipettes, here


  • Cubis® Laboratory Balance Brochure

    Download Cubis®, the first modular designed lab balance, brochure here


  • Secura® Analytical Balances Brochure

    Download the brochure for Secura® analytical balances here