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Sychem Ltd

Sychem Ltd


SO53 4BU Southampton
United Kingdom

The Disinfection, Sterilisation & Decontamination Specialists

Established in 1982 and with over 35 years’ experience, Sychem is a leading provider for disinfection, sterilisation and decontamination solutions. We operate across three sectors; these being healthcare, laboratory and life sciences. Providing a variety of bespoke products and services to these sectors, we can tailor to any customer’s needs.

Benefitting from a wealth of experience in innovative products and cutting-edge solutions that have allowed the company to build a loyal and prestigious customer base. We are a well-respected organisation with a fast-growing reputation that has reached the attention of large facilities nationally and internationally.
We have been recognised for our attention to detail, quality of products and the made to measure service solutions. Of which have been created by working closely with customers and supply partners to meet any decontamination control and compliance requirement. All our solutions can be customised and tailored around the clients’ requirement to best meet the cleaning, sterilisation and decontamination needs of any facility.

Offering bespoke decontamination and sterilisation equipment as well as providing specialist services and a world-class in-house support network. At Sychem, everything we do is driven by customers’ needs and all the solutions provided are designed to maximise infection control safety, optimise processes and minimise costs.

Come and see us on STAND E16 where one of the Sychem Team will be happy to assist, or alternatively visit our website: sychem.co.uk for further information.


Product news

  • Glassware Washing Processing

    We have answered some of the questions our customer had about how to improve the glassware washing process in their facilities. Our Steelco equipment offers options and solutions that are ideal to solve little issues that any lab facilities come across during the everyday work load. Here some of the questions and answer from our experts:

    There are times when we process twice the normal amount of workload, how can we organise our wash room?
    Steelco has developed sophisticated dedicated drying cabinets, tailored to accept washed glassware on racks from washers without changing baskets. This solution allows to slide racks full of glassware into the drying cabinet while uploading another washer cycle.

    How do we ensure chemicals are not condensed onto the glassware and that are dosed correctly during the cycle?
    • Always check the flow meters to ensure correct chemical dose is administered.
    • Measure the PH in the water.
    • Measure TOC of final rinse water to meet
    the cycle acceptance limits.
    • Check and measure the conductivity meter of purified water in final rinse.
    • Check the purified water system and the maintenance of the distribution system.

    I have purified water in the final rinse, do I need a softener for the cycle?
    In hard water areas it is advised to use on-board water softeners to reduce permanent hardness in the incoming hot and cold water during the washing. Calcium build up not only reduces the life of your system, it also presents a serious and considerable risk potential for cross contamination within the hydraulic circuit of your washer. Steelco offers fully integrated softening solutions that will protect the machine, ensure ultra clean glassware and stable water feed to reproduce the validated cycles. Softened water also reduces the amount of chemicals required which is advantageous on revenue and environmental grounds.