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Ytron-Quadro (UK) Ltd

Ytron-Quadro (UK) Ltd


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Ytron-Quadro (UK) Limited was formed in 1984 by Dudley Bradley and brought the innovative Quadro Comil and Ytron Y mixing systems to prominence within the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Quadro Engineering , based in Canada developed the conical screen mill technology with the Quadro Comil overdrive systems and have continued to innovate with the introduction of the underdrive systems, F10 Fine Grind mill, the Flexsift high capacity security screening unit and the latest design for high energy milling, in particular API’s, the H20 Comil.

Ytron Process Technology are based in Germany and specialise in mixing without aeration. The YTRON range includes in tank and in line powder incorporation systems which have become standards in many pharmaceutical and food production processes

In recent years Ytron-Quadro has increased its portfolio of process equipment to compliment the existing YTRON and Quadro range and includes technology from:

Labocontrole – powder and liquid sampling systems for accurate and consistent sampling of raw materials and processed products. Labocontrole is a dedicated sampling company working in many industries including food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and more recently the diary industry with their new milk sampling systems

VMI – vacuum and atmospheric mixing systems for the production of creams and pastes predominantly in the cosmetic and allied industries as well as laboratory and development scale mixing systems

Fitzpatrick – Impact milling and granulation systems through their FitzMill hammer mill and Chilsonator® roller compactor, for a wide range of industries from chemical processing to pharmaceutical manufacturing.