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White Horse Scientific Ltd

White Horse Scientific Ltd


SN9 5PZ Pewsey
United Kingdom

White Horse Scientific is a leader in Wireless Temperature Monitoring solutions. We have recently developed a new solution called Logicall IceCube which we are launching at Lab Innovations. Logicall IceCube is designed and manufactured in the UK and is a powerfull solution offering multi parameter sensors for Temperature/Humidity/Light and many others.


Product news

  • All new Logicall UI

    WHS will launch the all new user interface for the Logicall Wireless Temperature Monitoring Solution at Lab Innovations. With a clearer and crisper look and feel about it, the new UI is more intuitive to use and offers users a better experience. Bolder and brighter icons mean you can get a quick "at a glance" view of the current condition of all of your fridges and freezers. The solution now autosizes to all devices so can be viewed on PC, Tablet or mobile device. Combined with an all new gateway offering "local audible/visual" alarms, and the option to link up to a "smart speaker" there is no excuse to ever miss an alarm alert ever again! With wide range of sensors to monitor multiple parameters, Logicall increasingly becomes the product of choice.