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RH149YR Billinghurst
United Kingdom

Wesbart are experts in designing and manufacturing aluminium and stainless steel sample storage systems for laboratories, hospitals, universities and the pharmaceutical industry across the globe. We have an extensive range of over 10,000 products which is expanding all the time. We offer storage systems for all upright and chest freezers on the market.

We also manufacture additional laboratory items which include test tube racks, divided trays, cold room racking, storage bins, canisters and blood bag cassettes. We also offer a range of consumable goods which can be purchased with racking systems, these include cryoboxes, cryogenic vials, specimen storage jars and petri dishes.


Product news

  • Freezer Reference Guide

    Our online freezer reference guide lists freezer racks for all the most popular freezers on the market. Use the options to quickly find the racking for your freezer to store; 2,3 or 4inch cryoboxes. The reference guide will also should you how many boxes you can store per rack and how many racks per freezer. Other racking options are also listed which include storage bins and horizontal drawer systems.


  • 2019 Product catalouge

    Click the link to view our brand new 2019 product catalouge or request a posted copy