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Datech Scientific Ltd

Datech Scientific Ltd


S36 2UZ Sheffield
United Kingdom

Established since 1989, Datech Scientific Ltd is a renowned supplier of premium and reliable sample preparation equipment and laboratory automation solutions for the preparation of X-ray Fluorescence, X-ray Diffraction, Optical Emission Spectroscopy, Induced Coupled Plasma and other analyses through our strategic partners including Herzog Maschinenfabrik, PD Instruments and Nucomat.

In addition, DSL are the UK & Irish partners of Applied Spectra Inc. and we now offer a comprehensive range of Laser-Ablation (LA) and Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) instrumentation for all of your elemental and isotopic analysis needs.

By utilising our industry knowledge and experience we aim to provide customers with the most appropriate lab solution, from analytical balances and scales, benchtop models, and stand-alone machines to fully automated lab systems.

DSL's dedicated and highy trained service and support team are able to offer premium maintenance standards and emergency service engineering to minimise disruption and downtime, whilst improving safety and performance of your equipment for their lifecycle. With use of OEM spare parts and equipment, quality is paramount to ensuring maximised availability of your lab equipment. Appropriate consumables can also be obtained from DSL to ensure that your sample preparation is repeatable whilst ensuring minimum wear on equipment.

Visit our website www.datech-scientific.co.uk to find out more.


Product news

  • NUCOMAT show-casing new Cold-Block™ digestion

    Our partners, NUCOMAT, will be show-casing the new Cold-Block™ digestion technology at our Stand F20 at Lab Innovations 2014. Here is a preview of their latest presentation: "Sample Preparation in Lab Automation: different challenges & possibilities"

  • TP20E - Electric Bench Top Pelletising Press - *NEW* product from Herzog

    2015 has seen the launch of the new Herzog Bench-Top Electric Pelletising Press – TP20E for XRF analysis. This electric press produces perfect pellets at the press of a button, pressing up to 200KN, eliminating the use of a hand-pump. It can either free-press, press into aluminium cups or steel rings.

    The pressure is built up automatically using a hydraulic aggregate instead of a hand pump. This means significant reduced physical workload, more comfortable working conditions and efficiency enhancement for the operator.
    Please contact us for more information on Tel: 0114 2180468, at sales@datech-scientific.co.uk or visit our website: www.datech-scientific.co.uk


  • APPLIED SPECTRA J200 LIBS Instrument

    Our business partner, Derrick Quarles (Applied Spectra) will be presenting their flagship system, the J200 LIBS instrument. It is designed specifically to handle the most demanding trace element analyses — those requiring high sensitivity and accuracy. The J200 LIBS system is well suited for both laboratory analysis and production monitoring applications with the following highlights
    •Optimised Plasma Light Collection - The J200 LIBS incorporates a unique light collection optics design that couples the maximum amount of the plasma light to the system detector module. This feature enables the highest possible sensitivity performance.
    •ASI Technology ensures accuracy & repeatability - One of the critical system requirements for achieving improved LIBS data precision is a consistent laser focus to the sample surface. With patent-pending ASI hardware technology, our customers are assured that their LIBS measurements are accurate and repeatable.
    •ASI Chemometric software package - ASI’s proprietary chemometric software utilizes a set of highly sophisticated statistical algorithms to add material discrimination capability to our LIBS instruments. Proven through extensive testing of a wide range of materials with different interferences, ASI’s chemometric software package adds another level of analytical capability for our customers.
    •Software Control - All of our J200 series instruments come with Applied Spectra’s powerful Axiom software, which includes our TruLIBS database. Axiom features a simple, intuitive graphical interface that allows multiple users to operate the system software with different access privileges. Thus, the same J200 instrument can be used by production line operators to simply run a prepared measurement recipe for routine quality control work, or by the laboratory scientists to perform cutting-edge elemental research.