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CW97LP Cheshire
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A laboratory move can open up new research opportunities, it also disrupts your work and impacts your deadlines. You can rest assured that your move is in safe hands with Johnsons laboratory logistics.

We know laboratory moves inside out, and we seamlessly work alongside lab manufacturers and specialist distributors to store and deliver your stock. Our expert lab move technicians understand the complex packing requirements of your equipment. With an in-house DGSA, we know how to properly handle hazmat wastes, chemicals and laboratory samples, our services meet GXP requirements (good laboratory practice, good distribution practice and good manufacturing practice)

As times have changed so have we, our goal is to be incredible in all we do. We invest in the equipment, training and processes and whenever stop adapting and evolving to suit the needs of our changing world.

Let us take care of your laboratory move so you can focus on being an expert in your field.

Product news

  • Things to consider when coordinating a clinical laboratory move

    Johnsons Laboratory Logistics has a skilled and dedicated laboratory project management team who can manage and deliver any size and type of laboratory project from inception to completion. Other than having vast experience with completing laboratory relocations we put all of our project managers through their PRINCE2 project management qualification to ensure that they have all the necessary tools to successfully manage a laboratory relocation project.

    We also have specialist laboratory removal staff team members and vehicles to undertake all aspects of the physical relocation. In this blog we share several key things to consider when planning and delivering an upcoming laboratory move.


  • Johnsons Laboratory Logistics move Redx Pharma to Alderley Park

    Johnsons Laboratory Logistics undertook a relocation for RedX Pharma; moving them from The Royal Liverpool University Hospital to Alderley Park.

    The laboratory relocation consisted of 2 phases:

    Phase 1 – August – 25% of laboratory space
    Phase 2 – September – 75% of laboratory space


  • Why Sustainable Lab Design Is Becoming More and More Important For The Lab Services Industry

    A global focus on sustainability and ethical practice has permeated the science industry, greatly influencing the design and development of new-age laboratories. Here we explore the rise of sustainable lab design, and discover why complementary lab services can further maximise the benefits of laboratories with an eco-friendly focus.


  • 3 Top Tips When Moving Laboratory Equipment

    Laboratory relocations are on the increase – as facilities look to downsize, streamline and improve efficiency. But moving laboratory equipment is a sensitive and complex process which must be well-managed in order to guarantee success. At Johnsons we work with research firms, universities, laboratory equipment suppliers and medical facilities to help ensure a smooth, efficient relocation. Here we share three simple yet effective actions to ensure a productive process from start to finish.