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International flooring specialists Gerflor is a well-established specialist floorings manufacturer. Gerflor has been managing life sciences contamination for over 80 years, delivering new, innovative solutions to meet the stringent demands of the market and its environments which embraces; pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, medical devices, together with research labs and the biotechnologies sector.

In association with Gerflor – Gradus manufactures a comprehensive range of hygienic and protective indoor wall cladding systems that are perfect for industrial and clean rooms environments. This includes SureProtect Pure – Smooth Hygienic cladding, SureProtect Endure – Textured sheet and SureProtect Design –
Timber, the composites & metallic effects as well as digital printed sheet.


Product news

  • Gerflor set to INNOVATE at Lab Innovations (stand H4)

    The Lab Innovations Show has now established itself on the industry calendar as the UK’s only event dedicated to laboratory professional. It’s an event where laboratory professionals from a diverse range of industries can interact, see and source new products - all under one roof. In addition to discovering the very latest updates and technologies for the laboratory, visitors can learn and earn CPD points at a free-to-attend series of captivating scientific lectures.
    International flooring specialist Gerflor are well-established in this market. Gerflor have been raising the standards in this sector for over 80 years by delivering new, innovative solutions to meet the stringent demands of the market and its environments embracing; pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, medical devices, together with high technology, research labs and the bio-technology sector. Gerflor will be showcasing several high-quality life sciences manufacturing solutions aimed at providing cutting-edge technology for a host of applications which will include their ESD Solutions Mipolam Biocontrol Performance, their Clean Corner System, together with their wall covering solution Mural Ultra, and their market leading fast-installation cleanroom floor - GTI Cleantech.
    ESD - Flooring solutions that meet all ESD control standards including ATEX requirements!
    A range of both static-dissipative and static-conductive floors ensures the protection of electronic equipment, components, the protection of people against electro-static discharge risks, together with the protection of premises against explosive risks.
    The permanent adhesive range which is ideal for new projects is Mipolam EL5
    Perfect for renovation or busy areas that requires a ‘no shut-down nonsense’ swift solution when time is money is Gerflor’s GTI EL5 as this unique flooring systems needs no adhesive. Mipolam EL5 and GTI EL5 all guarantee the highest level of protection against ESD risk due to their low generation of charges (below 100V acc. IEC 61340-4-5) and are resistant to high traffic. These floors have a great resistance to chemicals, avoids staining and requires no additional wax throughout their life.

    Flooring solutions certified for GMP Class A and ISO3 cleanrooms!
    Mipolam Biocontrol Performance from Gerflor is specifically formulated for cleanroom environments. Treated with a high-performance coating, it’s extremely resistant to chemicals, highly resistant to scratching and can withstand very heavy loads. Mipolam Biocontrol Performance is tested by the Fraunhofer Institute and complies with GMP Class A for micro-biological cleanliness and provides an excellent resistance to bio-decontamination procedures. It also has good resistance to bio-decontamination procedure and is bacteriostatic against the development of micro-organism on the flooring. Certified for use in ISO-3 cleanrooms and is 100% recyclable.

    Coving corners can be a nightmare! Meet the GMP requirements with Gerflor’s Clean Corner System!
    In partnership with cleaning professionals Gerflor has developed the Clean Corner System which is a patent pending, innovative corner solution. Years of research and development by Gerflor has led to this unique system which is only effective with Gerflor floors. The Clean Corner System technology meets the requirements of professionals in the pharmaceutical industry in accordance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) including easy coving with limited and easy welding.
    The Clean Corner System for contamination control in cleanrooms is watertight, resistant and durable, easy to clean and decontaminate, offering a clean, attractive and uniform finish.

    Cleanroom renovation has never been so fast!
    GTI Cleantech is a fast installation floor range and is suitable for use in cleanrooms up to GMP Class A.

    Roger Harrington, Industry Specialist, Gerflor UK commented, “Lab Innovations this year provides us with a perfect opportunity highlight a number of new very significant ranges and products which includes our fabulous GTI Electro Static Discharge flooring products. It also allows us to get directly in touch with the customer’s needs to demonstrate how we can help match products to their life science requirements."

    This year Gerflor will also be featuring their new high-performing wall covering solution – Mural Ultra which has a fibre grid providing increased resistance to impacts and comes with a thickness of 1.5mm for extended durability. Mural Ultra is weldable, washable and extremely hygienic. Easily hot welded to produce continuous surfaces and perfect water tightness and is very flexible and easy to cove. Mural Ultra is treated with Sanosol, an antibacterial and fungicidal treatment for ease of maintenance. With 9 soft colours to choose form that match the floor covering this stunning wall covering delivers both looks and performance for the most rigorous of environments and is the perfect choice for walls and ceilings. And as an extra bonus it’s also 100% recyclable.

    The ranges on show this year from Gerflor condense a Life Sciences offer that addresses the rigorous demands of the sector. In providing a host of high-quality information and advice for visiting professionals.
    In association with Gerflor, Gradus will also be exhibiting this year. Gradus manufacture a comprehensive range of hygienic and protective indoor wall cladding systems that are perfect for industrial and clean rooms environments. The range includes SureProtect Pure® which is a comprehensive, hygienic PVC-u cladding system. It delivers a smooth, easy to clean surface creating an impermeable barrier to moisture and bacteria whilst also offering excellent resistance to impact damage. Ideal for: pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, laboratories, cleanroom environments. Also, on show will be their SureProtect Endure textured sheeting which is an extremely durable PVC-u solution designed to work as a stand-alone product or can be combined with other Gradus wall protection products to create a more comprehensive wall protection system. Lab Innovations will also see Gradus shine a creative light with their ultra- modern SureProtect Design SPD20 PVC-u sheet which provides a modern and stylish wallcovering combined with excellent surface protection. It comes in a range of wood, metal and composite finishes in addition to the option of a bespoke printed finish. These finishes can be used to create stimulating and inspiring interiors and are ideal for use in a wide range of environments where design is key to aesthetics, but where a level of protection is still required.
    Meet the Gerflor Team and see all these products at this year’s Lab Innovations Show 2018, NEC, Birmingham, 31st October-1st November 2018, Stand H4
    Learn more about Gerflor solutions, ask for a free sample or contact us to speak to a specialist today by calling 01926 622 600, emailing contractuk@gerflor.com, or visiting gerflor.co.uk for the latest innovations.