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CB63NX Ely
United Kingdom

Ellutia offers a range of Gas Chromatographs, GC accessories, software, and consumables. Ellutia’s instruments are designed and manufactured in the UK at the company headquarters. The instruments are designed to be compact with great energy efficiency, whilst also delivering industry standard analytical performance. Ellutia works closely with its customers and regularly produces fully customised systems tailored to their individual requirements rather than delivering off the shelf products. It is this working relationship with customers and the flexibility to adapt that sets Ellutia apart from other GC manufacturers.


Product news

  • New Ultra-Fast GC makes UK debut at Lab innovations 2019

    Ellutia will be showing the new 500 Series GC at Lab Innovations 2019. removing the requirement for multiple instruments.
    In Conventional mode the 500 Series GC works with an air blown oven and that can accommodate most common capillary and packed columns. The 500 Series GC can also perform ultra-fast chromatography when used with metal ultra-fast GC columns. When in ultra-fast mode rather than using the hot air oven to heat the column, an electrical current is passed directly though the column resistively and then because only the column has been heated rather than an entire oven, the cool down time is also greatly decreased.
    Sample throughput is increased 5-10 times in ultra-fast mode, meaning that the 500 series can perform the work of several conventional GCs and give faster return on investment for lab managers. The reduced energy consumption that the 500 series offers results in lower energy bills and a reduced CO2 footprint.
    To find out more visit www.ellutia.com/500GC
    Or see it in action at Ellutia (Stand C2) at Lab Innovations 2019