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Analytix Ltd

Analytix Ltd


NE359PY Tyne and Wear,

If your interest is in sample preparation (acid digestion, ashing, or extraction), thermal desorption, mercury analysis, analytical pyrolysis, or fast gas analysis then visit us on stand G10, next to the refreshment area


Product news

  • Analytix celebrates 20th anniversary

    Formed in 1997, North East-based Analytix is one of the leading suppliers of sample preparation systems and specialist analysers to the UK and Irish markets.

    Products sold by Analytix include analytical pyrolysis systems, microwave digestion, ashing, extraction, and synthesis systems, mercury analysers, and micro GC gas analysers.

    Analytix founders Cathryn & Simon Osborne said they are proud of the anniversary and that Analytix had an ability to identify forthcoming industry trends, which, backed by extensive application notes, enables the company to stay one step ahead.

    “We try to stay at the cutting edge of sample prep and analyser sectors – we know what forthcoming trends are likely to be, and what direction legislation is likely to be heading. This enables us to plan ahead and deliver instruments that aren’t just essential and relevant now, but which will be for years to come.

    “We are also acutely aware of the challenges that are faced by lab technicians, and we carry products that address their concerns – whether that is about saving time, automation, reduced processes or safety.”

    Analytix offer some of the best, cleanest, most efficient and most user-friendly products on the market and benefit from exclusive distribution arrangements with major suppliers.

    “Our exclusive agreement with some of the world’s best equipment manufacturers, such as Milestone and CDS has given us a significant advantage in the market – but it’s also come from hard work and dedication from our staff over 20 years”.

    “Our relationships with these suppliers are as crucial as those we have with our customers. They know we employ scientists who will do their products justice, and that we support the products with significant marketing activity, including developing a leading presence at the UK’s biggest laboratory trade shows.”