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Buchi UK Ltd

Buchi UK Ltd


OL9 9QL Oldham

Made in Switzerland, loved in the UK

Who is BUCHI UK? A talented (even if we do say so ourselves) group of scientists and engineers who are dedicated to supporting your work with the best instruments available.

What is BUCHI UK? We are a group of people that listen to your requirements in the lab and then tailor a solution that meets your needs.

From the serious research lab to award-winning cocktails bars, you will find BUCHI products in all the places you would think – along with some places you would not have dreamed of…


Product news

  • BUCHI is the new home for REVELERIS® preparative chromatography

    The latest Reveleris® X2 and Reveleris® Prep systems are now available from BUCHI UK. Get the most out of your flash applications by choosing the Reveleris® or the GraceResolv™ flash cartridges, developed for optimum chromatographic performance.