2-days of CPD-certified education, learning and training

The laboratory industry is constantly evolving with new technologies, regulations and ways of working. 

Lab Innovations provides up to 35 hours of CPD accredited content is available in the free-to-attend programme, giving you the expertise to keep up with your peers and discover solutions for challenges affecting your industry.

This year, sustainability and digitalisation are high on the agenda. Industry professionals demonstrate how to run an environmentally friendly lab to reduce costs and make funding go further, and expert speakers will outline how you can future-proof your lab  by identifying the right technology and lab systems to increase lab efficiency.

Celebrating the International Year of The Periodic Table, The Royal Society of Chemistry returns with its own dedicated theatre hosting two exciting keynotes.

Designed to address the pressing topics facing the industry today, including a focus on lab management and digitalisation demonstrating how you can future-proof your laboratory.

A dedicated programme of content from cleanroom experts on the latest trends for cleanroom technologies and regulation and legislation for cleanrooms.

The Sustainable Lab feature will demonstrate how improvements in technology, procurement and best practice can reduce running costs whilst safeguarding the science.

2019 Keynote speakers

Here are the 2019 keynotes. Register for free to get full speaker line-up announcements.

Helen Arney

Helen Arney


Appearing on TV, Radio and in theatres across the world with her unique science infused comedy, Helen Arney is renowned for her witty comedy songs, explaining physics while riding a rollercoaster and singing the periodic table.  

Full programme coming soon

Andrea Sella

Andrea Sella


Andrea Sella, teacher of chemistry and presenter of chemistry on stage, radio and television focuses on materials and inorganic chemistry selection. He will demonstrate why scientists should stop using mercury in lab equipment and the available alternatives.  



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