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Maggie Philbin

Maggie Philbin


Maggie Philbin has worked in radio and television for 30 years on a wide range of science, medical and technology programmes from Tomorrow’s World to Bang Goes the Theory. In June 2016 she was voted most influential woman in UK IT by Computer Weekly and also named 2016 Digital Leader of the Year.

Steve Mould

Steve mould


Steve Mould is a physicist and science presenter on TV and stage. Part of the sell-out science and comedy trio Festival of The Spoken Nerd, his most recent TV appearances include presenting ITV’s I Never Knew That About Britain and on BBC1’s Britain’s Brightest.

Headline speakers

Professor Carsten P. Welsch is EuPRAXIA

Professor Carsten P. Welsch


Professor Carsten P. Welsch is EuPRAXIA Outreach Coordinator, Group Leader at The Cockcroft Institute and Head of Physics at The University of Liverpool. He will be telling us how a new generation of compact particle accelerators can to give chemists and biologists access to unbelievable insights practice, design and operation.

Dr Peter Jackson

Peter Jackson


Dr Peter Jackson is Executive Director of the AMR Centre – a key part of the UK’s response to the global threat from Antimicrobial Resistance. He take us through the incredible collaborative effort need to take on AMR.

Dr Malcolm Haddrick

Malcom Haddrick


Dr Malcolm Haddrick is Lead Scientist at Medicines Discovery Catapult. His talk will be: Community Innovation for Drug Discovery.  He'll  describe the opportunities and challenges of collaborative R&D working across multiple partners for UK Drug Discovery.

Matthew Cokley

Matt Cokley


With more than ten years experience within the Pharmaceutical Industry as a Pharmaceutical Microbiologist. Matthew has experience of working in graded cleanrooms and in the manufacture of a range of pharmaceutical formats including solid oral dosage units, oral liquids, powders and sterile injectable products. He is currently a Global Technical Consultant for ECOLAB Life Sciences. This is a technical role advising on correct application and use of specialist cleanroom biocides and equipment for Life Science Cleanrooms in line with current regulatory guidance and Industry Best practice.  



Dave Nolan

Dave Nolan


Director EMS Solutions



Joe Hughes

joe jughes


Currently he Is a GMP Validation Consultant,  acts as an expert Advisory Group Member for the MHRA  is a Founder  Member of the International Clean Room Testing and Certification Board,(I-CTCB) . Joe is also part of the S2C2 Steering Committee for the Scottish Contamination Control Society.

Walid El Azab

Walid el azab


Walid is an industrial pharmacist and a former qualified person (QP). He currently provides technical support related to cleaning, disinfectants, sterility assurance and process validation and also leads audits at manufacturer sites. In addition he leads and workshops to improve inspection readiness to regulatory audits, to improve process and release time and review GMP documents. 



Klemen Zupancic

klemen zupancic


CEO of sciNote Electronic Lab Notebook – he’ll be asking ‘can we really automate the writing of scientific papers?’



Rebecca Smith

Rebecca Smith


Rebecca Smith has a bachelor’s degree in biological science, and is the National Territories Manager for Connect 2 Cleanrooms Ltd, a position she has held for the past 3 years. Rebecca previously worked in the pharmaceutical industry for Merck Sharp and Dohme (MSD) for more than 5 years as a medical sales representative, developing invaluable skills and knowledge, which have been transferable to the cleanroom industry.



Dr Giancarlo Barone



Dr Giancarlo Barone is a senior postdoctoral researcher in the Genome Stability Group at the University of Sheffield Medical School. He also runs a free and independent antibody review platform. He’ll be taking us through the reproducibility crisis and how reliable antibodies are key to solving it. 

Dr Diane Turner

Dr Diane Turner



Dr Diane Turner is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry with 20 years’ hands-on experience in Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry and over 17 years’ experience in GCxGC, on a wide range of manufacturers' instrumentation in a huge variety of application areas and industries. A Warwick University graduate, Diane started her career as an Analytical Chemist, later gaining significant experience as an Applications Chemist. Diane's area of research through her PhD studies at The Open University was disease diagnosis. Diane is Founder and Director of Anthias Consulting which offers independent training and consultancy in analytical science worldwide.