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Imrali Inventions Ltd

Imrali Inventions Ltd


IG39SE Essex

We at Imrali inventions Ltd, Invent, design and manufacture high quality novel laboratory devices to solve day to day problems of research scientists and laboratory workers. Our devices are novel and custom built for our customer specifications.

We are dedicated to enhancing scientific work through inventing new devices that are unique and never seen before. Problem solving is our strength and the foundation of our company. Our main focus is to reduce the financial and environmental cost of conducting laboratory research, helping you become more efficient whilst maintaining the excellent standards in your lab.

Founded and run by biologists, research scientists, inventors and enthusiastic problem solvers, we understand the challenges and needs of our community better than anyone else. We keep our clients at the heart of everything we do. We have the agility and the commitment to put service over profits, responding quickly to changing needs and requirements.

Our products are real game changers in the life sciences field. We are here to change the game to benefit the scientific community, the environment and research.