Data Coordinator (m/f)

Artexis Easyfairs, Madrid, Spain

1. Purpose of the role, key deliverables, responsibilities: "What does not happen if role does not exist?"

  • Ensure the data and the quality of the database is organized (extract event data, do queries, hunt down duplications, create search criteria, direct marketing initiatives, etc) for servicing the heads of Events/Clusters in all their requests for data
  • Ensure the data entry/ integration process rules are followed before data import
  • Ensure setup enrichment/qualification campaigns to add contacts, check existing data quality, de-duplication, etc
  • Provide the necessary reporting using the existing data sources
  • Responsible for Visitor & Exhibitor Data Plan creation & implementation for all assigned events/pub ; Gaps & acquisition of data, Qualification of data (plan + coordinate), Enrich (plan + coordinate) Validate/Import (plan + coordinate), Queries and in depth analysis for EM & MPM, Updates (plan+ coordinate) mapping
  • Identify system errors and work with operators and IT suppliers to implement new system developments to improve system/database quality
  • Be the main contact for data providers and data houses, responsible for the Data Providers List in it's entirety (To enable advice on data purchases, rentals etc)
  • Ensure all data polices, practices, procedures comply with the Data Protection Act and Electronic Marketing Communication Regulation Globally.

2. Management of resources (team(s), budget, other resources): if applicable, please specify

  • Manages temporary additional data operators

3. Delegation of authority, decision making: if applicable, please specify

  • Authority to implement data strategy for all events 

4. Primary internal work relations

  • Head of Event(s) Cluster, Event Teams, Marketing Project Managers, HQ support, Head of Region, Head of Ops

5. Primary external work relations

  • Data protection Office, Data providers; IT suppliers & System coordinator

6. Main processes, systems, tools used

  • Navision/CRM, EVMS (visitor database system), N200; Explori, Excel, Access, Powerpoint, SmartFocus

7. Three performance indicators: "How would you describe an outstanding performance in this role?"

  • Role model in making sure data inserted is correct and relevant
  •  Proactively identify visitor data enrichment projects including proposed solutions
  • Role model in pro-actively sourcing the right data for the events improving our databases for each show both visitor & exhibitor.
  • Delivering visitor increase for assigned events
  • To provide and full indepth analysis with recommendations for each show

8. Three expected deliverables by the end of the first three months

  • Fully autonomous in the usage of company systems & database
  • Perfect knowledge of the company rules of import, extraction, etc
  • Able to deliver straightforward data requests
  • First analysis of status of data for each (one)  exhibition
  • Deliver at least one Data Plan

9. Education and Qualifications

  • Data  analysis, business Intelligence
  • CRM management
  • Expert knowledge in Excel & Access; very good communications & interpersonal skills; analytical; organised;

10. Experience (professional or industry knowledge, level of expertise,...)

  • Skilled in database activities and advanced data management tools (data warehouses, reporting, business intelligence)

11. Knowledge of languages

  • EN/SP

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