Why exhibit?

Some of the reasons to exhibit

Exhibit if you are...

  • launching a new product
  • updating your brand or creating a new marketing campaign
  • celebrating a milestone of your product
  • hoping to discover new innovations for your product

Who visits?

IT PRO brings you face-to-face with the very best buyers, visiting IT-professionals, engineers and managers across the IT sectors

Meet face-to-face with decision makers who are specifically visiting to source from the IT supply chain. Typical visitors include IT-professionals, IT-management, business management, finance professionals and many more from the following departments: IT, sales, R&D, administration, customer service, public services, marketing, general management, education and others.

Gain bonus PR support up to, during, and post show through our EasyGo packages.

A comprehensive package deal

As an exhibitor at IT PRO we will construct a ready module for you according to your needs and budget. The price consists of two parts: The actual module and EasyGo -visibility pack.