Online365 Features

Visitor badge scanning

With the new Visit Connect app you can capture details of show visitors simply by scanning their name badges with a smartphone. You get three Visit Connect activations with Online365 Plus and five with Online365 Premium.

Product QR code scanning

You can attach QR codes to your products, which visitors can scan to access all the information you post on My Easyfairs – a highly efficient way to share product information and for you to see which products attract most interest. Online365 Premium customers also get a listing of “who scanned my product?”

Listing in Online Catalogue

Your company profile
Set up your own company profile on the show website, with logo and company details. You can implement the page in multiple languages and it provides a facility to publish an unlimited number of products, pictures and documents.

Product listing
Your product entries will remain until at least three months after the show (and of course, will remain online if you rebook). You get further visibility via the Easyfairs app, which is now available to all show visitors.
Got a breakthrough product to exhibit? Then apply for inclusion in the Innovations Gallery.

Flagship product in Showcase
You can select a “flagship product”, which will appear in the Product Showcase at the top of the Online Catalogue.

Enquiry contact form

Customers can find your products in the Online Show Catalogue and your company profile includes an enquiry contact form for lead generation. You can also get details about everybody who pre-registers in response to your invitation, enabling you to reach them via email (with their permission) and set up appointments at the show or for later follow-up.

Meeting Scheduler

Take advantage of the Meeting Scheduler facility if you would like to set up face-to-face meetings with prospects and customers onsite.

Enhanced online visibility

Media outreach
Easyfairs will provide details about the product of your choice in response to media enquiries about the show.

Logo visibility
Your company logo appears in the scroller on all the show web pages, in the Online Show Catalogue, during the lead up to the show and for three months after the show. Your logo also appears on the onsite and online floor plans and in product
search results.

Email pre- and post-show
You can include an item (photo or logo and up to 25 words of text) in one of our pre-show emails with click-through to your company profile on the show website. You are likewise featured in post-show communication, allowing you to reach people who pre-registered but did not visit.

Job posting

Advertise open positions at your company on the show website – a highly targeted way to attract top talent in your sector.

“Who scanned my product?” listing

You can download the list of visitors who scanned your products at the show, giving you additional opportunities for lead generation.

For further details please get in touch with your easyFairs
representative, who will be happy to advise.