09.15-10.00 am | 29 of March

Katarina Atkinson

Sustainability - a good business

Sustainability isn't only a responsibility in the business sector. It's also a prerequisite to be relevant in tomorrow's market. An inspired seminar where you get the chanse to listen to and discuss important sustanability questions! 

Kristina Atkinson, Secretary Genreal, NMC (The swedish association for sustainable business)

10.15-11 am | 29 of March


How Virtual Reality is Revolutionizing your business

How will Virtual Reality influence your industry? Learn from the experiences of leading VR experts and companies that are already actively working with various types of Virtual Reality. 

Arrange together with CLVR Works 


Viktor Peterson, CEO, CLVR Works
Elena Malakhatka, Ph.D. research, KTH
Carina Sundqvist, Digital strateg, IBYR
Oliver Edsberger, Business Unit Director Visualization, HiQ
Jonathan Tiedtke, CEO, VR Vision
Steve Hogan, Director, VR Safety 

11.30 -12.00 am | 29 of Mars

Fredrik Löfgren

The today's humanlike robots and what they can do!

Get inspired of Fredrik Löfgren, the technologist of the year and winner of the swedish tv-show "Genikampen". Fredrik will show how smart the today's robots are, how the robots have represented Sweden in the football World Cup and more. Maybe you also get to meet on of Fredriks robots friends...

Fredrik Löfgren, The technologist of the year and CEO of Fredrik Finurlig AB 


1-1.30 pm | 29 of March

Maria Strømme

Nanotechnology changes our future: Opportunities for us and for Sweden

At the show, she will provide examples that show where we stand in nanotechnology development today and how the enormous potential of nanotechnology allows change both our business and the prospects for our industry.

Maria Strømme, professor of nanotechnology at the Department of Engineering Sciences, Nanotechnology and Functional Materials at Uppsala University

1.45-2.45 pm | 29 of March

Anna Hall

Panel: Industrial Revolution!

Anna Hall, Vice President of Industrial Clusters IUC South provides a trend spotting on the future of industry. The new value chains and the way we do business. Market development, circular economy, new technology, digitization, and what we see in its wake. The development will bring major challenges for society, enterprises and individuals. Insight into the new concepts is the first step in meeting the challenges.

The world around us needs a change - build your own future.
How do you go from visions to deliberately ways to go - the hard thing isn't to build a strategy but how to carry it out. You and your collegues needs to summon up the strength of what's important to make it possible to change the ground. You need yo invest in time and force and to persue a single course. Dan Carlsson, Produktionslyftet, talks about how you can work to strengthen the ability to maneuver the fast development. 

To win or disappear?
Anna Hall is moderating a discussion with ambitious business leaders in Malmö, Fredrik Serger, CEO Setrab AB and Lewis Horne CEO at Uniti Sweden AB, about how they look at the future and what actions  they take in their own business to keep the head start. 

15.00-15.45 pm | 29 of March

Lena Carlsson

Digitization - The wolrd's chance for the industry

Digitization allows us to do new things, and things in new ways. But where does the industry today? What good examples? And how can businesses benefit from the investments Tillväxtverket and other public actors do?


Lena Carlsson, chief strategist digitization, Tillväxtverket


4-4.45 pm | 29 of March

Olof Röhlander

How to enjoy life - and still get things done!

  • Stop crossing your fingers, begin to take action!
  • A lot on the table - what?
  • Humor as problem solving method
  • Resistance as fuel
  • Enjoy work - the new success words

Olof Röhlander, award winning professional lecturer, educator, licensed mental trainer and certified coach


9.15-10.00 am | 30 of March

Patrick Ekwall

How important is the sport for our society?

A seminar where Patrick is taking off from his profession as one of Sweden's most respected sportjournalists with the world as his field of work. How does the highest level in the sports world look like world wide and what does it mean for us individuals as a part of our society?

Patrick Ekwall, Sportjournalist

10.30-11.00 am | 30 of March

Katarina Cornelius

Change the world - a short introduction to the business logic of the network world

The most of us have accepted that we are in a paradigm shift where the digitizing change the conditions of how we pusue our business. Does really the concepts of "digitizing" or "digital transformation" describes the things that happens and can it guide us right? What can we do to continue to grow?

Katarina Cornelius, Senior Facilitator of Growth and Innovation,  Knowit Business Growth AB

11.30-12 am | 30 of March

Dag lotsander

Lean philosophy - the foundation for a sustainable improvement

A successful lean work is not just about the flow efficiency, methods and tools. Equally important is the philosophy and the approach the improvement work is based on. 

Dag Lotsander, former General Manager Toyota Sweden (1999-2008) and Senior Consultant of Toyota Europe. Responsible for the introduction of The Toyota Way. Running "Lean Nordic". 

1 - 2 pm | 30 of March


How can we start achieving a smart industry - for real? 

Panel with 
Johan Ydeskog Key Account Mananager End User at Rockwell Automation,
Thomas Idermark, CEO, SIS (Swedish Standards Institute), 
Nicklas Keijser, Automation engineer, Rejlers Sverige AB, 
Ola Asplund, Senior Advisor, IF Metall and member of the government inovation council
Conny Fridlund, head of production development, Atlas Copco.

Moderator: Dag Toijer, Chefredaktör, Tidningen Automation

2.15-2.45 pm | 30 of March

Fredrik Östbye

Transformation from product to product as a service

IoT enable a transportation from a clean product offer to a service offering within the most industries. But, the transportation is challenging to implement and it affects both the own organization and the external go-to-market model. In this lecture you will get exampel from the reality and a gradually guide of how the transformation should be performed. 

Fredrik Östbye, VP of Business Development at Telenor Connexion, Telenor Connexions

3-3.30 pm | 30 of March

Karl-Erik Grevendahl

How do we find right within the sustainability issue?

Listen to when Karl-Erik present his sight of 

  • The notion sustainability 
  • How companys should relate 
  • The daily trends 
Karl-Erik Grevendahl, leader of the thinktank at the
chambre of Commerce and Industry of Southern Sweden


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