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Jernbro is one of Sweden’s leading players in industrial services. Everyday, year round, we help Swedish industry operate both more safely and efficiently. We are where our customers are. With our in-depth competence, we can develop both your maintenance and your production plant. Our knowledge creates local growth.


Product news

  • E.ON CHOOSES Jernbro

    Following procurement proceedings, Jernbro has signed a framework agreement with E.ON Värme to deliver and develop mechanical maintenance at E.ON’s plants in Malmö.

    The agreement is valid from January 1, 2017, and runs for three years with an option to extend.

    E.ON Värme Sverige AB is the largest private player on the Swedish district heating market.

    E.ON Värme owns and runs the district heating network in more than 20 locations in Sweden, from Malmö in the south to Sollefteå in the north. In Malmö, Norrköping and Örebro, as well as Kalmar and Oskarshamn (half-owned), E.ON Värme also owns CHP plants that produce electricity and heat at the same time.

    The new framework agreement involves the performance of mechanical maintenance at E.ON Värme’s plants in Malmö.

    “It is of great significance to Jernbro that we have been entrusted to start the delivery of mechanical maintenance to E.ON’s plants in Malmö. Our strength lies in our maintenance concept and our 300 maintenance mechanics, giving us the capacity to support E.ON Värme in their goal to develop safe and cost-efficient maintenance. This agreement is very important for our expansion in southern Sweden,” says Bengt Håkansson, CEO at Jernbro.

    Jernbro has a previous agreement with E.ON to deliver district heating services. The new agreement represents an extension of Jernbro´s cooperation with E.ON.


  • Once again Jernbro wins large automation deals

    Jernbro succeeds once again and in tough local and global competition wins three large automation deals with two major European auto manufacturers. The total value of the order is 85 MSEK.

    Thanks to its in-depth technical knowledge in automation solutions, Jernbro has once again been successful and won three large automation deals.

    Special machines for assembling and testing components in combustion engines

    Design and manufacturing begins in the summer of 2016 and the first delivery and installation will take place during summer 2017, followed by final delivery during summer 2018. This delivery gives the customer high availability based on good maintainability when the equipment is designed.

    “We at Jernbro are very proud of being able to present the customer with the best technical solution while providing a favourable Life Cycle Cost (LCC),” says Kalle Sjöstrand, project manager at Jernbro.

    Material handling equipment for cast components

    Jernbro will deliver robot cells, an automated high-bay warehouse, Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) and a conveyor system for finishing cast parts. The components involved are cylinder blocks, cylinder heads and flywheels. Design and manufacturing will begin in summer 2016, with delivery and installation ongoing from spring until autumn 2017.

    Rebuilding AGVs in the assembly plant

    Jernbro is honoured to rebuild a fleet of AGVs used for assembling powertrain components. We are upgrading them to be controlled through a PLC- instead of PC-solution as earlier. The work has already begun and is scheduled to be completed in the autumn.

    “At Jernbro, we have an established concept for this kind of upgrading,” says Pär Knutsson, AGV manager at Jernbro. “We upgrade and test AGVs in batches before we return them to the production flow. Meanwhile, other AGVs replace them, with no interruption of the customer’s production.”

    Deliveries come from Jernbro’s automation operations based in Skövde but with good experience of delivering projects globally.


  • Jernbro wins large automation orders

    Jernbro (previously called Coor Industrial Services) continues its expansion in Asia and has signed two large agreements with two of the biggest automakers in the Chinese automotive market. The total value of the order is just over 50 MSEK.

    Jernbro once again proves its competitiveness and continues its expansion in China.

    One of the larger automakers in China chose Jernbro, who won the deal in competition with several global players. The order is for the delivery of test benches for testing engines. The large automaker has ordered nine test benches to test engines (End of Line). The test benches allow the customer to secure the quality of their testing process and therefore take a big step forward technically.

    “For many years we have been entrusted to deliver engine testing equipment to several large companies in the automotive business round the world. Our co-workers have high expertise and experience of designing and delivering this type of equipment. I am happy we won this order and look forward to cooperating with our new customer,” says Patrik Sahlberg, Sales Manager Automation at Jernbro.

    Deliveries are to two of the customer’s factories and installation starts in China in February 2017.

    Another of China’s largest automakers has signed an agreement with Jernbro, which will mean development and manufacturing of assembly equipment in one of the customer’s engine factories in China.

    The agreement is for an assembly system for engines including 62 AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles/self-navigating assembly trolleys). The customer is China’s largest automaker with nearly six million cars produced each year in many different factories. Delivery of the production equipment will take place at the end of 2017.

    “We are pleased to once again be supplying AGVs to China. With our automation equipment, the customer increases productivity and gets a more ergonomic, safe and efficient production plant,” says Pär Knutsson, Product Manager AGV at Jernbro.

    In China, Jernbro cooperates with Anwha Automotive, and together they deliver a complete assembly system for engines to the Chinese customer.


  • Coor Industrial Services changes its name to Jernbro

    There are two things that distinguish Jernbro. First that the company has a wide offering and expertise that gets production to flow better. Second that the company invests heavily locally, fueling growth in local communities.

    “The company’s goal is that the community should grow and develop with Jernbro. That’s why we invest locally,” says CEO Bengt Håkansson.

    “Many of us at Jernbro live locally which is why we care about the community’s growing power and strive to develop business relations with companies in the area. In this way we secure the right skills in our customer’s neighbourhood.”

    The new name, which was presented at the Maintenance Trade Fair in Gothenburg on March 8, allows the company to be even clearer in the market.

    “The skills within Jernbro are unbeatable,” says Bengt Håkansson. “We can help industry develop both their maintenance and production facilities. The objective is to improve productivity while reducing total costs.”

    Jernbro is present in 20 locations in Sweden today. Closeness to the customer means the right competence is available locally and that the company can quickly provide the right resources at the right time. Closeness also means that Jernbro gets to know the customer’s processes and challenges.


  • Coor Industrial Services receives Quality Award "Volvo Cars Quality Excellence Award"

    Coor Industrial Services has been awarded the prestigious VQE Award - Volvo Quality Excellence Award - Volvo Cars for the delivery of a new production line at the Volvo Cars factory in Torslanda, Sweden. To earn this award requires a well-executed project with a high quality product delivered on time. The award was presented during a ceremony at the Volvo Cars on November 27, 2014.

    The equipment has been delivered from Coor Industrial Services unit Automation in Skovde, a device with substantial experience and expertise adapted for the manufacturing industry. To earn this award requires a well-executed project with a high quality product delivered on time. In addition, there are criteria that must be fulfilled in several areas, such as sustainability, finance, suppliers, quality management and after-sales strategy.

    - We are very pleased with the award. It gives us proof that we deliver what we promise and proof that we are among the best in the industry. Our cooperation with Volvo Cars is developing and innovative, and we attach great importance to acting professionally and listen to customer requirements to meet and certainly exceed customer expectations, "says Patrik Sahlberg, Director of Automation in Skovde.
    The award was presented during a ceremony at the Volvo Cars November 27, 2014 where Patrik Sahlberg and project leader Fredrik Carlsson received the award.

    Coor Industrial Services has supplied automation solutions for the safe and efficient production at several customers for many years. Main application areas are in final assembly, handling and processing. In deliveries prioritized high availability, quality and maintainability.

    Caption: "Patrik Sahlberg and Fredrik Carlsson Coor Industriservice, third and fourth from the right in the picture, has just received VQE Award of representatives from Volvo Cars."

    Coor Industrial Services
    Coor Industrial Services is one of Sweden's leading players, with extensive experience and expertise tailored for the industry. We develop and deliver services and solutions for the safe and efficient production.

    Our service areas:
    Industrial Maintenance, Strategic Production, Cleaning and Waste Management, Manufacturing and Project & Logistics

    Coor Industrial Services take more responsibility for their activities in relation to the company's customers, but also in relation to employees, suppliers, environment and society at large. Coor Industrial Services has a turnover of SEK 1.4 billion and our 1,000 talented employees are from Söderhamn in the north to Helsingborg in the south. Our clients include numerous companies mainly in the Nordic countries, but Coor Industrial Services involvement of customers in Europe, Asia, USA, Canada and Brazil.

  • Coor Industrial Services - now an independent company

    From June 16, 2015, Coor Industrial Services operate as an independent portfolio company with Cinven as owner.

    On May 22, Coor and Cinven announced via a press release the decision to separate the industrial services division and the facility management (FM) division, and to prepare for an IPO of Coor’s FM division. Assessment made was that both the FM business and industrial services business will perform better as two different companies. The decision is enforced today in connection with the listing of the FM-business on Nasdaq Stockholm.

    - Our opportunity to develop our business and organization even faster will increase as an independent company focused on industrial services. Our goal is to be the leading actor in our industry, and we will continue to work to ensure safe and efficient production for our customers, says Per-Arne Forssander, President of Coor Industrial Services.