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Tunga Lyft i Sverige AB

Tunga Lyft i Sverige AB

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23237 Arlöv

We are experts in heavylift. We lift and move everything from safeboxes to bridges, to whole house. We have turnkey solutions and our knowledge comes in handy in all kinds of businesses and industries.

Our technology and services are well suited where the conditions are different, tight and heavy and where the solutions are not obvious. Each lifting task is unique, has its own special conditions and requires close cooperation between us and you as our customer.

Together with you, we identify and analyze problems and create solutions that include all or some of our services: lifting, assembly, transportation, launch, consulting, design, engineering and lift line.

Of course, there is also an economic aspect to our overall solution. Our experience is that it pays to let a vendor run a lifting task with all that implies.

If you need help to lift and move a complex task in a safe way, contact us!