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AB Sibe International

AB Sibe International

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16343 SPÅNGA

SIBE International AB is a engineering company and has since 1972 been active in the current field and are specialists in all technologies for HUMIDIFICATION, DEHUMIDIFICATION and WATER PURIFICATION. SIBE is also the only supplier in Sweden, with a complete product range (SIBE SWED-FOG) with all the techniques of humidification, with its own function solutions and designs.

SIBE deliver to both retailers, contractors, end-users and offers installation, commissioning and training in-house. In addition to this SIBE has a long association with a large number of consultants.

The company's home market is the Nordic region, where SIBE are represented with offices in the regions of Stockholm - Vimmerby - Gothenburg. The company also exports systems to several countries in Europe and beyond.

For more information visit www.sibe.se