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OEM Motor

OEM Motor

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57328 TRANÅS

OEM Motor has developed into a leading trading company. Our clients comprise manufacturers of machinery and apparatus that require linear movement, rotation or power transmission.

The organisation boasts a high level of expertise within relevant product areas, and we work on the basis of each client’s unique requirements. Personal selling, a clear sales process, support from the website and strong relationships
with our customers and manufacturers come together to generate success. We are convinced that, thanks to our skilled team and our focus on the constant development of our offer, we can meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.

Our collaboration with more than 30 specialised manufacturers results in a product offer delivering a wide range of comprehensive solutions, components or assembled systems.

We work closely with our clients on projects. Sales engineers and product managers work according to a clear project model, with frequent, clear dialogue enabling us to offer the very best solutions based on the client’s wishes.