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Leading the world in Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Industry sterilization processes
GEMÜ is one of the leading manufacturers of valves, measurement and control systems, and is the world market leader of valves for sterile applications in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. This position was achieved following GEMÜ's comprehensive investments in application-specific research & development, amounting to more than 5% of the company's turnover.

An engineering tradition that secures first place in innovations
The level of innovation is closely linked to location - Germany is regarded globally as a nation of engineers. GEMÜ is over halfway up the chart of the top 1,000 German global market leaders for 2011. The GEMÜ headquarters is in the region that is home to the highest density of global market leaders, the region of Heilbronn-Franken in Baden-Württemberg. GEMÜ's international success is based essentially on the enterprise and pioneering spirit of Fritz Müller, who developed the world's first plastic process valve in 1963. This directly controlled solenoid valve was the starting point for the foundation of GEMÜ that year.

Systematic development towards successful products
Time and time again, Fritz Müller was quick in recognizing important new developments. He was one of the first to concentrate on sectors that now set the pace for the world economy. The leading position in the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Industries results from Fritz Müller's instincts and his insight into practical process applications. He is still a vital driving force for new products and services to this day. Within GEMÜ a system for succession is also in place, to ensure that the next generation can further develop the success of this family-owned enterprise.


Product news

  • CONEXO- Processing industry 4.0 – Traceability and service

    Continuous traceability thanks to valves with integrated RFID chips. You can use a reading device to read and process identifi cation
    data from devices and components.
    In conjunction with the GEMÜ mobile app for maintenance engineers, fi eld data can be collected, processed, and managed and
    archived centrally via the GEMÜ Service Portal.
    • Captive electronic identification of the valve body, actuator and diaphragm
    • Simplified identification and inventory of devices in the field
    • Traceability of the components by providing the serial number
    • Electronic supply of product and project specific documentation
    • Optimized maintenance processes thanks to a maintenance log book and photo documentation
    • Increased process reliability thanks to electronic traceability
    • Improved "installation qualifi cation" (IQ)
    • Paperless maintenance support and documentation