Empack & Logistic stage

Empack & Logistic Stage

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9.30-10.15 am | 29 of March


A discussion about PostNord's sight of the Nordic logistic market

Håkan Ericsson, CEO PostNord
Moderator: Mats Udikas, editor in chief Transportnytt

10.30-11.30 am | 29 of March


Panel discussion: The future of e-commerce logistics

Discussion moderated by Alexander Kristofersson from the newspaper Transportnytt

Håkan Ericsson, CEO PostNord
Carl Lumsden, Logistics manager bygghemma Group
Kajsa Knapp, founder and owner of coolstuff.se
Fredrik Edeland, founder of Sendify





11.45-12.30 am/pm | 29 of March


Innoscentia smart digital label 

Innoscentia has developed an ink that binds waste products from the bacteria's metabolism. The reaction can be read electronically and their idea is to integrate the technology into a digital label, which can then be applied to including fresh packed meat to tell how fresh the food is in real time.

Robin Thiberg and Erik Lindberg, Innoscentia

12.45-1.15 pm | 29 of March

Peter Neumeister

Don't be afraid of being different


Peter Neumeister, Managing/Creative Director & grundare, Neumeister Brand Design Agency 

1.45-2.25 pm | 29 of March


Public transport - Some of the sustainable community-building

Peter Viinapuu, Nordic Manager of MTR Express

2.30-3.00 pm | 29 of March


Internet of Things in the packaging industry ecosystem 

Magic Add's technology embeds coding into packaging, which can capture data along the supply chain and provide information to customers. Magic Add has applications in marketing, logistics and manufacturing, and can be used to combat a diverse range of issues. Samuli will talk about the growing role of the Internet of Things in the packaging industry ecosystem.

Samuli Manninen, MSc, Co-Founder & CEO of Magic Add Ltd

3.15-3.345 pm | 29 of March

Carin Blom

E-commerce and deliveries

- The importence of the packages for the whole bying experience

The online buying increases more and more and it's clear that the consumers have higher demands at the delivery. How does the delivery affect the whole bying experience, what is a good delivery experience and how could you create added value in the logistic? That is some questions that Carin Blom will try to answer during her seminar.

Carin Blom, Retail analyst & e-commerce expert postnord

16-16.30 pm | 29 of March

Carl Lumsden

The construction industry and E-commerce

In this seminar Carl will talk about the DIY-industry,
Bygghemma and pros and cons with dropshipping.

Carl Lumsden, logistics manager Bygghemma Group


9.30-10.15 am | 30 of March

Per-Olof Arnas

Development trend within logistics and transport inom
logistik och transport - some observations

Digitizing and automizing - daily use terms to describe and
explain what happens around us.
But what does it means for the logistic industry - a branch
with large balance sheets and mature business models?
Per Olof Arnäs share some of his
observations and one and other insight.

Per Olof Arnäs, PhD, University lector, Section for
Service Management och Logistik, Chalmers



10.30-11.00 am | 30 of March

Carl Ronander

Love at every sight

How design should help brands go from a crush to
building long-lasting meaningful relationships
Carl is a Brand Strategist at one of the leading design
agencies in Sweden - Amore Brand Identity Studios. 

With offices in Stockholm and Malmö,
Amore works with local and global clients such
as SCA, The Absolut Company, Skånemejerier and Finax.

Carl Ronander, Brand Strategist at Amore Brand Identity Studios

11.15-11.45 am | 30 of March

Johanna Linder

Supply Chain management for the most vulnerbale, an insight in today's humanitarian logistics. 

With many years of experience av field work for Medicins Sans Frontieres Johanna will tell us about supply chain management in the worlds most vulnerable countries where the logistics matters between life and death. She will show us a different reality where professional supply chain management becoming more and more important. A living lecture with a lot of perspectives and inspiration!

Johanna Linder, responsible for the Supply chain for Kongo-Kinshasa, South Sudan och Guinea at Medicins Sans Frontieres. 

12.00-12.30 pm | 30 of March

Algorithm for unique packaging identification

Kezzler have developed an algorithm with a unique encrypted code that is applied to the packaging and can be easily read with for example a smart phones.The codes used to assign each item a unique identity, enabling, for example, tracking the supply chain, interaction with the consumer and to protect products and brands against counterfeiting, all in real time.

John Beerens, Head of Sales Kezzler 

12.45-13.15 | 30 of March

Peter Hauggard

The individuated package, the best way to sales increase

Peter Hauggaard, Sales & Marketing, Kartongbolaget 

1.30-2 pm | 30 of March

Erik Lindroth
Packages and environment - every good choices counts

Erik Lindroth, Director of environment Tetra Pak Nordics

2.15-2.45 pm | 30 of March

Asa Berg

Design that makes a difference

The concurrence about the customers are getting harder. Everything is available everywhere. The conusmers have higher demands on the brands and what the brand stands for. Design is an importance component when creating your brand. Rudinski and Bejing8 is two designmissions that has been rewarded with both "silver- and goldeggs" Sweden’s oldest, largest and most prestigious competition for the communication industry. We took care of the task from two different perspective.

Åsa Berg, CEO Garbergs advertising agency

3-3.30 pm | 30 of March

Tove och Jessica

Management of customs in Norway-
borderland with opportunities

It's quite easy to expand your business in the Nordic region
but when it comes to the market in Norway there is
a few barriers. With the right conditions the trade with
Norway could be really successfull. Tove and Jessica will give 
you insight in the opportunities, challanges and development
possibilities for a successfull trade with Norway.

Tove Öhrn, Customs specialist permission/quality and
Jessica Ström, Customs specialist production PostNord 

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