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Weland Lagersystem AB is a leading provider of solutions for warehouse management and logistics. We deliver customized and optimized lifts and warehouse inventory. Our range of warehouse inventory includes pallet racks, cantilever racks, pull-out units and sigma beams. With the right products at the right place, it's easy to streamline the entire production.

Our concept is the same since our start - to deliver Swedish-made products that streamline inventory management and logistics. Our strength is our high level of expertise and responsiveness. We always work closely with our customers and always try to meet their needs. Weland Storage Systems always strives to deliver the most effective solutions possible.

Today Weland Lagersystem AB is part of the Weland group with a turnover of about MSEK 1900 and 900 employees. Weland Lagersystem AB is a global company that is represented in eight countries and our products are represented in more than twenty countries. We have our own sales offices in Gislaved and Västerås. Despite our global brand, all production and development takes place at our premises in Gislaved.

We strive to meet future demands on logistics and inventory. We are constantly working on product development and is a long term partner that you can trust. Our strict procedures guarantee efficient inventory management and long-life products. We are driven to create new, innovative solutions for our customers.


Product news

  • Customized vertical storage lifts

    Weland Lagersystem has several different models of vertical storage lifts in order to find the best solution to the customer. We customize all the vertical storage lifts and help you select the correct model based on storage conditions and your business.

    Two of our most popular vertical storage lifts are Compact Lift and Compact Twin. Compact Lift is a space-saving vertical storage lift as it stores high. The vertical storage lift is also suitable to use for heavy and bulky goods.

    Compact Lift is Weland Lagersystem’s most basic vertical storage lift and provides much capacity for a relatively small investment. The vertical storage lift has one load tray that staff can pick from.

    Focus on picking speed
    If it is important to increase the picking speed, then the Compact Twin model is the solution. This is a vertical storage lift with high picking speed that gives more orders per hour. By managing two load trays simultaneously, with one tray in waiting and one in picking position, the picking speed is increased as the stock does not need to wait for the goods in the service opening.

    Customer focus
    We at Weland Lagersystem puts the customer in focus and help you find the right vertical storage lift. We work according to our own project management methodology where we can quickly identify your needs, plan design, project installation and the estimated budget and schedule so you get a clear decision basis for your new investment.


  • Smart tyre storage with vertical storage lift

    Weland Lagersystem has developed a clever customization to store tyres. The storage means that the tyres are stored in a Compact Double vertical storage lift, which saves time and reduces staff costs. Traditionally, wholesales keep tyres on tyre racks similar to pallet racks. Weland Lagersystem’s customization means that the tyres instead are stored in a vertical storage lift.

    According to Björn Karlsson, CEO at Weland Lagersystem, a large quantity of tyres can be stored.

    - With several vertical storage lifts next to each other it is easy to store up to 150,000 tyres, says Björn Karlsson.

    Weland Lagersystem customize each storage lift to the wholesaler's time bookings. Either you can have the vertical storage lifts behind each other with one service opening or have the lifts on line - with multiple service openings. - With many time bookings at the same time, we can put several lifts next to each other. In this way, several people can pick tyres from the service openings at the same time, explains Björn Karlsson.

    Quick picking
    With the tyres stored in a Compact Double the picking speed becomes 2-4 times faster than in a traditional storage. With this tyre storage it is easier to pick out the right tyre. The tyres are stored in the vertical storage lift and the right product will rapidly emerge, served on a tray at a comfortable working height.

    Saves time
    With Weland Lagersystem’s vertical storage lift the staff does not need to search among the shelves after the tyres. Much time and many steps are saved compared to a traditional storage. Staff costs are also reduced as fewer people are needed in the storage. In addition, the vertical storage lift has good ergonomics, as evidenced by reduced absence due to illness.


  • Specially customised vertical storage lifts for Tetra Pak

    Weland Lagersystem has entered into a collaboration with Tetra Pak, the packaging manufacturer. During late spring 2016, the company will install specially customised vertical storage lifts at the market leader.

    Weland Lagersystem is now taking on a new project that is planned to be in full production towards the end of 2016. As a consequence of Tetra Pak's 6.5 metre long packaging products, Weland Lagersystem has customised vertical storage lifts to take goods up to seven metres long.

    "Tetra Pak will be able to save a lot of floor space and increase the efficiency of their picking rate," Björn Karlsson, CEO at Weland Lagersystem, says.

    The solution is a Compact Lift vertical storage life, which makes it possible for Tetra Pak to put the goods in directly from a truck. In addition, all vertical storage lifts in the Compact series can handle heavy weights, because they are driven by four gear racks.

    "Tetra Pak will benefit greatly from the vertical storage lifts, which will simplify order picking for the manufacturer's personnel," Björn says.