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Transport-Nytt Förlags AB

Transport-Nytt Förlags AB


16902 Solna

Industry´s preferred Logistics Trade Magazine
Transportnytt is an independent logistics, materials handling and transport magazine and website. Our main aim is
to provide current and relevant information to people with an interest in this area. Transportnytt covers the entire
logistics chain. In the magazine you’ll find articles on warehousing, weighing, labelling and packaging as well as
on manual and automatic handling. As for freight, we cover all types of transportation modes. Testing of light
commercial vehicles and forklift trucks are regular and popular features of the magazine.
Transportnytt closely follows developments in information technology. This includes automatic identification of
goods, warehousing data management and transport administration. We are also keen to follow issues involving
e-commerce. In addition, Transportnytt covers infrastructure, economic and social issues.
Transportnytt takes part in the leading Swedish trade fairs for logistics and transportation and play an active role
in seminars in collaboration with the trade fair organisers.
The target groups of Transportnytt are found within the business management community as well as among transport,
logistics, warehousing and purchasing managers within industry and commerce. Many readers also work in
shipping, transport, haulage, port services, consultancy and design.