Beneli AB

Beneli AB

H 12

25022 Helsingborg

Beneli AB develops and produces self-adhesive solutions and with our six segments we meet our customers’ requirements. The correct label creates successful products - we produce high quality labels and give them a personality that sells.
Beneli is at the fore-front when it comes to RFID and NFC solutions and with a strong expertise in printing technology and customized technical solutions, we can always find solutions that add value to your product.
We also have custom labels with technical function that can be applied in high or low temperatures, multilayer labels or labels with complex shapes but also functional, self-adhesive components for industrial applications.
Our six segments:
Brands – high premium labels
Components – oem parts for industrial use
Services – Idea, design, development, prototyping
Security – labels for protection
Traceability – RFID and NFC for remote close detection and communication
Monitoring – Surveilling body functions and e-health