AS Technomar & Adrem

AS Technomar & Adrem

H 10

EE-74114 Maardu

Our company “Technomar & Adrem AS” was established in 1990 and started as sole trading company. Within 20 years we have grown from traders to purely processors of plywood. Today we manufacture: cable drums, furniture components, CNC-machined materials, construction plywood, flooring for trailers and containers, wall and ceiling panels and packaging materials - selling abt. 150-200 containers every month to customers in 30 countries. We employ more than 600 workers. Technomar & Adrem has a very broad export experience to more than 30 countries. We have ISO 2001 quality certificate.
We are pleased to offer you a Technobox, a foldable and reusable box made of high-quality birch plywood and galvanized steel profiles, what creates a very strong design. Technobox’s production started in 2003 and now the boxes are sold to customers in Sweden, U.K., Denmark, and Germany. Some of the names using the boxes produced by ourselves are Volvo, ABB, Scania, Kodak etc. At present abt. 15 containers of folded (flat) boxes are sold every month, and the company ambitious plan is to reach 60-70 containers a month within 5 years. The Technobox assembles and disassembles in very easy way minimizing the amount of labor, tools and time. The Technobox’s design is customized to hold products as light and small as microchip, and products as heavy and bulky as machinery equipment and parts. Our foldable design saves storage costs and space, as empty boxes can be stored folded. Our boxes come in different sizes and styles, or we can make them exactly to your specification to suit your requirements. For the standard styles and sizes please visit our website: www.technobox.ee. The range of boxes we produce also includes dangerous goods boxes (UN certified boxes).
We would be proud to make you a quotation for Technobox. Please advise the specification of the box You are using in your production and we will revert with our price offer shortly.